Thompkins and Laprovittola dynamit the triple-based derby

first_img01/12/2020 – 14:39 In the second, with Mario Nakic (18 years) always on track, the Madrid exhibition arrived. Nico Laprovittola was the one who started it with 3 triples, then Jeff Taylor and, above all, a stellar Thompkins, another three triples without failure. engaged in attack and rebound.The 30-53 with which he came to rest left the derby very decanted for MadridThe piston of the match fell almost sharply in the continuation. Only that special feeling of the derbies kept the game afloat in the next twenty minutes.Students worked in a defensive zone, for subsequent commitments, and Real Madrid maintained the essential level so as not to take any subsequent fright and have a quiet game.The third quarter concluded with 49-69. Madrid kept the safety margin and Movistar Estudiantes tried not to lower their arms.In the final ten minutes the status quo was maintained. Madrid, with Jordan Mickey very focused, did not let the advantage diminish too much, and Estu fought against his shortcomings, his bad streak and his uncertain future.The schoolboys will remain last in the standings and Madrid will be first at the end of the first round, which will allow them to play their first Copa del Rey game on Thursday and, if it happens, have a rest day for the semifinals.Data sheet:72 – Movistar Students (19 + 11 + 19 + 23): Pressey, Dangubic, Palaces (12), Scrubb (4) and Kadji (19) – initial five -, Vicedo, Dukan (5), Douglas (10), Avramovic (16) and Arteaga (6).87 – Real Madrid (22 + 31 + 16 + 18): Campazzo (9), Carroll (7), Tavares (8), Mickey (20), Thompkins (18) – initial five – Laprovittola (11), Garuba, Nakic (5), Tisma, Taylor (7) and Mejri (2).Referees: Emilio Pérez, Jorge Martínez and Carlos Merino. Without eliminated.Incidents: Match corresponding to the seventeenth day of the Endesa League played at the Palacio de Deportes (Wizink Center) in Madrid before 13,165 spectators. Image: EFE Whites decanted the derby in the second quarter Real Madrid chose the most unequal derby -Students are last in the standings and their neighbor, leader- after a second overwhelming quarter, with Trey Thompkins and Nico Laprovittola in the lead, to end up winning 72-87.Real Madrid ended the derby in the second quarter. With 7 of 8 triples in the period and a partial 11-31, +20 advantage, any other explanation seems superfluous.At the beginning of the game, Madrid wanted to lay a solid foundation on the scoreboard from the start, despite having five sensitive casualties, due to injury or rest, such as Rudy, Llull, Randolph, Causeur and Deck, and 2-10 (min .4) seemed to agree with Pablo Laso in his approach.Trey Thompkins was the executing arm of Madrid, before the mistake of Jaycee CarrollStudents put aside the dejection by the exuberance of their neighbors and supported by a specially inspired Kenny Kadji (11 points in the first act), managed to overcome and arrive matched at the end of the first ten minutes (19-19), although a Facu Campazzo’s triple determined the 19-22 with which he finished the first quarter.last_img read more

FIFA, on guard with Thebes for opposing the Supermundial

first_imgJavier Tebas has opened a new front. This time against FIFA. The president of LaLiga has manifested “openly against” the new Club Supermundial whose first edition will be held in China in June 2021 with the participation of the 24 best teams in the world. “Until now FIFA was a regulator and a football legislator whose entry into competitions was limited to the National Teams, but with the new Supermundial collides with the interests of the clubs and alters the ecosystem“the Aragonese manager said in London. These statements have sat down badly at FIFA and surprised Infantino, who worked as a fellow in the organization now chaired by Javier Tebas.Faced with this frontal opposition to the Club Supermundial, FIFA has guaranteed Real Madrid’s support for the project. Gianni Infantino spoke with Florentino Pérez and secured the participation of the white team in the first edition of the new Supermundial, a tournament that will leave revenues for almost one billion in just three weeks and that would be played on the dates that until now occupied the Confederations Cup, in theory every four years although FIFA has never ruled out to dispute it every two seasons as Tebas suspects that describes the project as “direct competition for clubs”. In this mess, just as Infantino has sought the support of Florentino, Thebes has also found allies. In his case the UEFA president, Ceferin, who sees in the Club Supermundial a direct competition to the Champions League. The new competition would take place between June 17 and July 4, 2021 and the Champions and Europa League champions of the last four seasons (eight teams) would participate. South America would contribute six teams; while Africa, Asia and CONCACAF would have three each for a representative from Oceania. If the same team is champion more than once during the four years of each period, it would replace the next classified in the ranking of each continental confederation (UEFA, CAF, CAF, OFC, CONMEBOL and CONCACAF). It would be played in a format with eight groups of three teams in which the eight winners would go to the quarterfinals. Spain has already won the right to participate in Real Madrid and Atlético, but not yet Barcelona.last_img read more

In Belgium they discard Hazard for the derby against Atlético

first_imgHazard is working both in Valdebebas and outside the premises to return as soon as possible to be under Zidane’s orders. The plan was to continue accumulating sessions with the presence of the ball and join the group throughout this week. However, the prudence with which the Real Madrid coach deals with the return of his injured is already known. Zizou does not want to accelerate a return that could jeopardize the presence of his star player in the key leg of the season. Indicated in red is the knockout round of Champions against Manchester City. On February 26, it is the first assault on the Bernabéu. An appointment in which the coach of Madrid wants to have a Hazard in full. Asked this Saturday about the evolution of Hazard, Zidane said: “I can’t say yet when his return will be. His evolution is good, he no longer has pain. Starting Monday, he will start working individually with more ball. Little by little it will improve and I hope that I will return soon with the group. For the mental part it would do very well. I can’t say when he comes back, it would be bold. We are happy, we hope to recover him very quickly. “The club is cautious when it comes to discarding Hazard from being in the derby, but in the country of the Madrid star they already assume that it will also be low (this injury has made him lose 12 matches). Eden Hazard will miss the derby against Atlético de Madrid next Saturday (4:00 p.m.), according to newspaper reports Derniere Heure. Last Friday, 58 days after Meunier injured him on the right ankle at Real Madrid-PSG (November 26), the player began to touch the ball but, although he was optimistic about being at least on the bench before from Simeone, According to the Belgian media, he still feels discomfort (not pain) in the joint.last_img read more

Love: “An Athletic-Barça is an early final”

first_imgTransfer Market: “No one is going to sign. The market as soon as incorporations is closed and with the template we have we can throw forward. The players we have in attack can play again. Be Griezmann, Messi, Ansu …”.Andoni, representing Athletic in the Copa draw“Nobody here is already a favorite. When you reach this point all the teams are very strong. We start with the advantage of playing at home. San Mamés is going to be full. This match is going to be a match without favorites even though Barcelona is one of the best in the world and has the best player in the world and many years of football history. I am very happy with this crossing. San Mamés is going to be a great party. “ Messi: “Barcelona has a great team and great players but Leo is Leo. He is the best player in the world and makes a difference every time he plays. We always prefer him to be on the field but the seasons are long. It is understood that in the match, as against Ibiza, rest, Leo is and will be very important for the team and he will give us a lot, he is a player who makes a difference.Precedents: “Athletic is a great team and in its field it is much stronger. We always say that a single game is to play at home, with your fans, with your people but it has come out that we go to Bilbao. We face it with great desire because it’s a real final. Athletic-Barça is an early Cup final. It’s going to be a very nice match and we know what we play. We want to win the Copa del Rey and we have a squad for it. We want to win it since last season we escaped the final. Let’s go to Bilbao to win. “last_img read more

Former Real Madrid player Dani Ramírez changes teams in Poland

first_imgAlthough there were several teams that submitted offers for Dani Ramírez – the Jagiellonia also bid for the Spanish midfielder – it was Lech who showed more interest in taking over Dani Ramírez’s services. The Spaniard will travel to Poznan, a city from which only 215 kilometers separate him, this Monday and It is expected to be Wednesday when you pass the medical check and sign your contract.“Going to Poland, I was right. Right now I feel like I’m going to get where I want.” These are statements by Dani Ramírez to AS last August. The Madrid player, who was about to hang up his boots while playing in Spain, has already landed in one of the best clubs in Ekstraklasa. He leaves behind a locker room, that of the Lodz, in which Dominguez, Pirulo, Carlos Moros and Samu Corral will continue to speak Spanish. LKS Lodz, recently promoted to Ekstraklasa, must fight to avoid the descent without being his best man during the first part of the season: Dani Ramírez. As AS has learned, the Spanish midfielder will leave the third most populous city in Poland to leave for Poznan, where he will sign with Lech until June 2023. This movement leaves more than 500,000 euros in the coffers of LKS, which will alleviate his loss with the arrival of another Spaniard: Antonio Domínguez from Algeciras.Dani Ramírez will leave a pleasant memory in the fans of LKS Lodz. The former Real Madrid, Valencia or Getafe reached the ‘spring knights’ in summer 2018 and was instrumental in his promotion to Ekstraklasa seven years later with nine goals and 15 assists in 31 games. The ‘Magician’, as he is nicknamed in Poland, continued to be the axis of the team in Primera, where he signed six goals and four assists in his first 20 games. The Lodz, however, failed to chain great results and left the winter break as a colist, seven points behind a save that marks Korona Kielce with 21 units.last_img read more

Ceballos reverses its situation

first_imgThis changes the Ceballos panorama totally because it comes at a decisive moment of the season. He chose Arsenal for two reasons: show that you can succeed in a big and go to the next Eurocup This last objective tormented him, because not playing in Arsenal meant saying goodbye to the National Team. However, this ownership and the subsequent words of Arteta suggest that the utrerano it will be very important in their plans as of now. And that will allow you to be in the Luis Enrique’s list at the end of March, the last before the European Championship. It is a fixed for the coach, who trusted him even when I didn’t have many minutes in Madrid. Dani Ceballos you has turned around to its situation in the Arsenal In just a few weeks. The brief winter break that have made English clubs has served the utrerano to finish getting 100% after his long injury and has convinced Arteta. Against him Newcastle started for the first time since there was change coach and was one of the most prominent of his team. Replaced in 82 ‘, the Emirates cheered. Ceballos He is aware that this season is key for him. He still has three more years of contract with the Real Madrid and in the directive They have full confidence in him. They consider him a soccer player called to succeed in the Bernabéu. Although Zidane never gave him too many minutes, this change in the Arsenal landscape reinforces Dani’s confidence. Just as he has convinced Arteta, he can do it with the French …center_img Through the words of Mikel Arteta the total turn of the situation of Ceballos in London. “He has to wear fit and fight for his position, “he said in January, when rumors appeared about the possibility of leaving the London team in the winter market. words understood the footballer as a motivation. He decided to park completely the option to leave: he wanted succeed in Arsenal. He took advantage of the mini preseason for convince Arteta, which rewarded him with ownership. The coach’s words after the victory are significant: “Dani Ceballos It’s a good example. I was injured and when he started training I didn’t think he was fit. Change completely his behavior and he trained like an animal. I think he was the best player for many minutes in the game, ” the coach said.last_img read more

Turkey was considered as host of the European Championship due to the coronavirus

first_imgCollapsed calendar. The pandemic has carried the international calendar ahead. The postponements have come in a chain and there are no dates to recover the pulse of the championships without touching the big international tournaments. That is why most of the 55 federations of the UEFA agree that it is best to postpone the Eurocup one year, and play the national team tournament in the summer of 2021. If this option is finally taken, it is most likely that the America Cup (which is scheduled to take place in Argentina Y Colombia from June 12 to July 12) also go to 2021. It is the lesser evil in a situation of force majeure. But if national championships and continental tournaments are postponed throughout Europe, the one-year postponement of the Euro and the Copa América is the most voted solution according to the poll of the UEFA. World Qualifiers. The South American Confederation has asked the FIFA that, also as a consequence of the pandemic, it allows a postponement of the South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup that must be played at the end of the month. The coronavirus, although with much lower incidence than in Europe, has also reached South America. But there is fear that the avalanche of South American players who are active in European teams will make the problem bigger. At the moment, only two countries of which they will dispute the South American qualifiers have not reported cases of COVID-19: Uruguay and Venezuela. The FIFA You have already authorized the postponement. Another calendar that becomes a ball.Eurocup rivals. At the moment the Eurocopa still stands. Surely for a short time. But until his postponement to 2021 is confirmed on Tuesday, Four selections are still missing to close the final table. They will leave the European qualifiers that must be played on March 26 and 31. At the moment one of them, the one to play Ireland Y Slovakia, has already been set behind closed doors.Turkey is offered. In a last attempt to save the tournament, Turkey (with less than ten coronavirus cases) has been offered to UEFA to organize the Eurocup. Ceferin maintains a great relationship with the Turkish President, Erdogan. But the advance of the pandemic forces the postponement of the tournament.last_img read more

Doctors fear serious injury if Premier resumes

first_imgDoctors warn that such a calendar would bring serious consequences for the health of the players, who would risk more frequent injuries, being the hamstrings and the English the weakest points in this case. The fatigue It is also an aspect to take into account and all this fatigue, together with the discomfort, could be carried by the players until the following campaign. We must not forget that they will be almost two months inactive due to the closure.As if that were not enough, they give the example of Marcus Rashford (Manchester United) and Harry Kane (Tottenham). The strikers of the English team are seriously injured and face the final stretch of their respective recoveries, so they have little left to return, but They will have a difficult time playing every two or three days without exposing themselves to a relapse. For footballers who continue to stand in the Champions League, the Europa League wave FA Cup it will be even harder. The Premier League stopped before the last nine days were played (ten in some cases) due to the coronavirus pandemic. The main idea is to resume the competition from May 1, the date on which they initially estimate that the quarantine ends in United Kingdom. However, there are many doubts that this date will be maintained and will not be extended.In Daily Mail explain that there is a widespread belief that the tournament will resume in late May or early June, which would make the schedule tighten, bearing in mind that they must finish before June 30. This would imply having to play two or three games per week, something that Premier League doctors fear.last_img read more

Joel and David Soria turn to help the Getafe hospital

first_imgGoalkeepers Joel Robles (Betis) and David Soria (Getafe) have teamed up to lead a popular financing campaign, with the participation of Getafe Sport, to help the Getafe hospital, which is going through hard times due to the coronavirus pandemic. “The initiative was born to help the Getafe University Hospital. It has arisen due to the situation we are experiencing, the hospitals in Madrid are almost all saturated and I think that we can all contribute our bit in these difficult times,” says Joel , born in Leganés but raised in Getafe. “I have launched the initiative but I am accompanied by David Soria, a colleague by profession and position, from Madrid and a militant in Getafe, the team in my city where the aid is destined. The initiative aims to donate through a platform and we hope to get all the possible money. We are in constant contact with the Hospital and, obviously, we know that it is very difficult to get masks or gowns now, but we will do everything possible to supply them with what is in our hands, “wishes Joel. Many public figures and athletes are shouldering during the pandemic, there are many initiatives to help health workers. “The most important thing is that each one help as much as they can. The economic objective that we have set is 20,000 euros, but hopefully it could be more, “says Joel. This aid campaign was launched on Monday night through the ‘GoFundMe’ platform and has already raised more than 4,000 euros.last_img read more

The drama of Robin Soderling, the first tennis player to beat Nadal at Roland Garros

first_imgThe Swedish ex-tennis player criticizes himself and confesses that his meticulousness in tennis all through the season additionally affected his efficiency. “I don’t remorse what I did. Being a prime athlete in any sport shouldn’t be straightforward. There are occasions once I blamed myself. There are occasions in my profession once I want I had stepped again or not taken it so critically. . As the years glided by and I felt higher, I began doing extra issues that I loved. I believed this was what I wanted to do to be higher than it could possibly be. It was value it if I gained my video games and improved my rating, but when I didn’t, I felt very screwed. It’s straightforward to see tennis in a different way after his profession. Now I see it as a sport. “Soderling believes that this lack of disconnection from tennis additionally performed in opposition to him and made him play with extra strain. “My fundamental downside was not having that on / off change. I couldn’t change my thoughts throughout video games, coaching classes and different conditions on the courtroom. I knew how lengthy the tennis seasons have been, and that you simply hardly had any relaxation. It isn’t straightforward to disconnect from tennis and you’ve got to discover methods to take care of your self, take care of your physique and relaxation throughout the season. I look again and need there had been extra than simply tennis. I want I had studied one thing at the age of 20 or 21 by the time I began excited about life after tennis. Tennis careers should not often very lengthy, they all the time finish and typically they do it ahead of you suppose. Having one thing to disconnect from tennis permits you to have much less strain. I believed I had to be critical all the time, that I had to suppose solely about tennis. I had to breathe tennis. I don’t suppose it was the proper method. It could be good in case your thoughts was elsewhere to breathe a little bit bit. “One of the most memorable episodes of Robin Soderling’s profession is his victory in opposition to Rafa Nadal at Roland Garros in 2009, making him the first tennis player to win on the clay of Paris in the Balearic Islands. The Swede reviewed that episode in a match through which solely Roger Federer was in a position to deprive him of the title and who additionally had good phrases for Nadal and what he has achieved at Roland Garros. “Individuals all the time speak about once I beat Rafa Nadal at Roland Garros in 2009. In fact it was improbable. Nobody in the world anticipated him to win that match. It was tough as a result of after shaking arms with him I noticed that it was not the last. I believed to myself, ‘Okay, don’t be too blissful, don’t loosen up.’ He didn’t need to be the boy who beat Rafa however misplaced in the last. I wished to keep targeted as a result of in case you loosen up a little bit you’ll be able to lose a match, like a Grand Slam last, very simply. At the moment I didn’t understand how nice an achievement I had achieved. I bear in mind going again to the locker room and I had nearly 350 messages. I noticed that I had completed one thing nice. I recognize the help I acquired that day and that I proceed to obtain for profitable that match, however the nice story is that of Nadal. We are going to by no means see somebody succesful of profitable 12 Grand Slam once more. “ Robin Soderling was aiming to be one of the nice rackets in the tennis world after marveling at Roland Garros in 2009 till mononucleosis pressured him to finish his profession as knowledgeable tennis player in 2015 with solely 31 years after 4 years with out competing (he performed his final match as knowledgeable after profitable the title in the 2011 Bastad match).Virtually 5 years after his retirement, Soderling was sincere in a press release to the Behind The Racquet portal through which he associated how he was pressured to go away the circuit as a result of of this illness. “It was very tough to make the choice to retire. I performed my final recreation at age 27. In my head I had extra years to play tennis. I used to be at the prime of my profession once I fell in poor health with mononucleosis two years earlier than I retired. Earlier than, for a very long time, I had been detected with stress and tiredness. Regardless of this I continued enjoying. I used to be sick all the time as a result of my immune system was weak, however I stored pushing. In my thoughts I knew one thing was flawed, however the medical assessments have been working. I used to be enjoying effectively till I bought mononucleosis. I felt that the mixture of my poor immune system and the further coaching affected me. Mononucleosis was the last item my physique may tolerate. The medical doctors instructed me I had it for the first time in Indian Wells in 2011. At first I didn’t get it flawed, nevertheless it bought worse after my final match in Bastad. I didn’t go away residence in six months. “Soderling revealed that, though it was tough for him to assume his retirement from tennis, he believes that it was the greatest choice he may make and that it took him 5 years to regain the form he had in his greatest years on the circuit. “After a yr I began to really feel higher. I wished to practice growing the depth after which the signs returned. I felt drained and the fever returned. This occurred to me for a number of years and it was irritating. I attempted to return for 3 years, however to no avail . I accepted that I may by no means return. Once I made the last choice to cease, it was robust nevertheless it was additionally a reduction. He wouldn’t have to battle to return and he would have to reside on this uncertainty. After making the choice, I accepted it and found how to reside my life once more. It was sort of bizarre for the first six months as a result of I didn’t care about tennis. It was relaxation. I hardly realized I used to be coming again. When you find yourself actually in poor health you understand that well being is the most necessary factor. It’s loopy as a result of throughout my profession it was the solely factor that nervous me. Now I solely nervous about being higher, it was easy. After watching tennis on TV for some time, with gamers I had confronted, I wished to get again on the courtroom once more to compete. Throughout my first yr away I didn’t do bodily exercise as a result of I didn’t need to worsen it. It took me 5 years to get again to the level the place I may practice as I wished. I felt it was a protracted interval for my return to tennis. “last_img read more