Two Genetic Codes Are Better Than One

first_img(Visited 62 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 If a genetic language written in DNA is a problem for Darwinism, how about two languages written in the same sequence of letters?An “overlapping language” has been found in the genetic code, according to HealthDay News at MedLine Plus from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).Since the genetic code was first deciphered in the 1960s, scientists have believed it was used solely to write information about proteins. But this new study from University of Washington scientists found that genomes use the genetic code to write two separate languages.One language describes how proteins are made, and the other helps direct genetic activity in cells. One language is written on top of the other, which is why this other language went undiscovered for so long, according to the report in the Dec. 13 issue of Science.Up till now, scientists have “missed half of the picture,” the team lead from the University of Washington said.  Another thing this means is that changes to the code for proteins can also alter the regulatory code, leading to disease.  This appears to make the genetic code more fragile, less likely to lead to evolutionary progress when mutations (the raw material of neo-Darwinism) occur.According to a press release from the University of Washington, “UW scientists were stunned to discover that genomes use the genetic code to write two separate languages.”  This “second code hiding within DNA” gives “double meaning to the genetic code,” the article says.The study, part of the ENCODE project (see 9/06/12), was published in the Dec. 13 issue of Science.  A Perspective piece in the same issue of Science by Weatheritt and Babu, “The Hidden Codes that Shape Protein Evolution,” actually said very little about evolution, other than that the finding “may influence codon choice and, consequently, protein evolution.”  Indeed, the piece makes it harder on evolution by suggesting additional codes may reside within DNA:Future research will need to determine the number of overlapping codes that can be tolerated by the genetic code. There is also the question of possible trade-offs, in terms of maintaining regulation and functionality, that have been made to accommodate coexistence of codes and whether this can lead to nonoptimal or deleterious consequences. For instance, protein-coding regions that cannot tolerate mutations due to multiple overlapping codes may be exploited by pathogens during host infection. The investigation of overlapping codes opens new vistas on the functional interpretation of variation in coding regions and makes it clear that the story of the genetic code has not yet run its course.The original paper by Stergachis et al. also begs the question of Darwinian progress.  It has more to say about “evolutionary constraints” of the overlapping codes than evolution itself.  Conservation and tolerance to change weigh heavily in the analysis.  The only mention of “natural selection” in the concluding paragraph assumes an improbable thing: that evolution “exploited” the phenomenon:Our results indicate that simultaneous encoding of amino acid and regulatory information within exons is a major functional feature of complex genomes. The information architecture of the received genetic code is optimized for superimposition of additional information, and this intrinsic flexibility has been extensively exploited by natural selection. Although TF [transcription factor] binding within exons may serve multiple functional roles, our analyses above is agnostic to these roles, which may be complex.Clearly, the kind of natural selection that constrains or eliminates change (purifying selection) is not helpful for creating new organs or functions.  Instead, the words information, architecture, optimized, and function are more friendly to intelligent design. On Dec. 20, Evolution News & Views explained the significance of this paper for evolutionary theory.Darwinians have known for so long that life is too complex to explain by unguided physical processes, this one just makes their rubble bounce.  Yet they stand on their rubble heap, shouting epithets at design advocates, bullying those who don’t take orders from them (example), and sneering at the despised “creationists” most of all.  They can’t run on fumes much longer.  Accelerate regime change by sharing this entry on your social media.last_img read more

Cape Town gets own internet exchange

first_img25 September 2009The Internet Service Providers’ Association (Ispa) has reintroduced its Cape Town Internet Exchange, allowing internet service providers (ISPs) in the Western Cape – a dozen of whom have already signed on – to interconnect with each other.Ispa’s Johannesburg and Cape Town exchanges encourage the local routing of internet traffic not destined for international locations and provide redundancy for an ISP’s own links.Exponential traffic growthThe Cape Town Internet Exchange (CINX) will allow all local service providers, not just Ispa members, to interconnect networks and exchange traffic in order to save costs.“We decided to reintroduce the CINX to meet overwhelming demand from members with operations in Cape Town for a local exchange in the city,” Ispa’s Rob Hunter said in a statement this week. “Cape Town business and consumers are now producing more than enough internet traffic to justify an exchange for the city.“The amount of internet traffic in Cape Town has grown exponentially over the past few years, as online media, call centres and other heavy internet business users have flourished,” Hunter said.Cost-savingsInternet Solutions – which also hosts the Johannesburg Internet Exchange (JINX) – has been appointed to host CINX from 2009 till 2012.“Johannesburg ISPs have long enjoyed benefits such as improved performance for traffic within the city, cost-savings and an extra layer of redundancy from the JINX,” said Hunter.“Cape Town service providers will now also be able to take advantage of a local peering point and experience the same benefits.”SAinfo reporterWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

Family rooms offer peace of mind to parents

first_imgThe rooms are open from 7am to 6pm seven days a week and it have amenities such as a kitchen, sitting areas and televisions; some refreshments are also provided. (Image: Ronald McDonald House Charities)Mothers of young children hospitalised at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital in Soweto have had the use of two family rooms for almost a year, where they are able to rest and recuperate during the stressful time of caring for their sick children or premature babies.The rooms were sponsored by Ronald McDonald House Charities South Africa (RMHC SA), which says global research show that a family presence in hospital helps sick children heal and cope better. In trying to keep mothers and children together during such periods, the charity opened two family room programmes on 28 November 2013 at Bara, as the massive hospital is fondly known.These provide care and support for more than 100 mothers each day. Here, mothers of infants in the neonatal intensive care unit and neonatal ward can rest and regroup.Reggie Skhosana, the charity’s chairperson, said: “Through our family rooms, RMHC SA allows families to be supported and to stay together during their most trying times. Staying so close allows parents to better communicate with their child’s medical team and improves adherence to complicated treatment plans.”Open from 7am to 6pm seven days a week, the family rooms have amenities such as a kitchen, sitting areas and televisions; some refreshments are also provided. RMHC SA is in negotiations with other hospitals to open such rooms at their facilities.Nonhlanhla Dlamini’s premature infant daughter is in the intensive care unit at Bara. “It was like half my heart was taken out of my body; it is not a good feeling,” she says of her baby’s health. “The family room has become my home away from home. I’m surrounded by mothers who are going through the same thing and we end up motivating each other to stay positive.”Cleopatra Khumalo’s premature son is underweight, and his lungs are not fully developed. He too is in the hospital. “There are no places at the hospital that cater to our needs while our babies are resting,” she says, “so it is nice to come to the family room and rest on the couches and watch television to take our minds off what we have to deal with.”VOLUNTEERS ESSENTIALSkhosana explained that although the charity’s largest corporate donor was McDonald’s South Africa, RMHC SA relied on donations from other big companies, individuals and foundations to fund a portion of the operating costs of the programmes.“Over and above this, it depends heavily on the charity of the public and other corporates to help grow and raise funds for its various programmes. Volunteers are the backbone of our chapter and critical to our success in serving the children and families that require our support.”While Bara only has rooms for family support, the first full Ronald McDonald House was opened in 1974 in Philadelphia in the United States. The first house in South Africa will be built at Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital, which will open in 2016. Campaigning for construction funds has already begun. The house will accommodate 28 families of sick children being treated at the hospital.Research is also being undertaken for a Care Mobile programme that will provide health care education and screenings for children in rural and peri-urban areas.For more information about the family rooms at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital or the charity, visit its website.last_img read more

Nine shelters opened for Turks and Caicos

first_img Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#TurksandCaicos, September 5, 2017 – Providenciales – Nine #shelters, possibly now reduced to eight shelters will be opened across the Turks and Caicos.     The list is available at or with the #DDME.In the capital, Grand Turk there is one shelter at the TCI Community College; there is also one in South Caicos at the new community center there.  The Conch Bar Community Center was identified this morning, though that may be changed as the island of Middle Caicos is now with an evacuation order.    In North Caicos, there are three shelters: Adelaide Omeler in Bottle Creek, at the Sandy Point Community Center in Sandy Point and at the Kew Community center in Kew.Three shelters will be opened in Providenciales, and they are at Enid Capron Primary school in Five Cays, at Oseta Jolly Primary school in Blue Hills and at Faith Tabernacle, or what is commonly called, Butterfield’s church on Leeward Highway.#MagneticMediaNews Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp TCI: Hard-working DDME lauded as Hurricane Preparedness Month officially opened Turks and Caicos is first to add Disaster Management to the Tourism portfolio Related Items:#magneticmedianews, DDME, shelters TCI: More active Hurricane Season predicted and DDME gives thorough update on its readinesslast_img read more

Bianchi wants Napoli to overcome victim mentality

first_imgNapoli legend Ottavio Bianchi has urged his former side to get rid of the “victim mentality” if they want to make exploits in the modern game.Bianchi who won the Scudetto with Napoli believes It’s the only area where they haven’t grown exponentially ahead of tonight’s game with Milan.“In some ways, the only area where Napoli haven’t grown exponentially over the years is in their victim mentality. That’s just an extra chance given to the opposition. He disclosed to Football Italia.“In my days, Napoli would fight to avoid relegation one year and finish mid-table the other. At that time, you knew you were representing a great city, but now you are representing a big club too.“Now the club has been at the top for years, a side with a precise identity and Carlo Ancelotti can now ‘make the most’ of Maurizio Sarri’s work, adding his own ideas to build on the existing project.Do not miss out on the Serie A action tonight!⚽️📢AC Milan takes on Napoli by 7:30 pm.Cristiano Ronaldo, JuventusSerie A Betting: Match-day 3 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Considering there is a number of perfect starts so early in the Serie A season, as well as a few surprisingly not-so perfect ones….Searching for high odds?🤔Bet on our Special Pick👇🏽— BLACKBET.NG (@BlackbetNG) January 26, 2019“Ancelotti has done really well to not completely tear it down and start again. He is getting the best out of his players with squad rotation, not going overboard. They say the best Coach is the one that does the least damage.”Nonetheless, Juventus are still streaking out in front on their way to a potential eighth consecutive Scudetto.“Juve are putting together results that can never be repeated, but it’s also because all their challengers have fallen at more or less the same time. If Inter, Milan and Roma return to playing at a certain level, it’ll be easier also for Napoli to challenge Juve.”last_img read more

People on the Move 3614

first_imgNick Carbone is now news domain expert at Dataminr. Formerly, he was homepage and breaking news editor at TIME.Mashable has named Josh Dickey editor of its new entertainment vertical. Dickey left TheWrap, where he was managing editor.Saul Rosenberg is now chief content officer at Nielsen. He previously served as a consultant at McKinsey & Company.Akiba Solomon is the new editorial director at Colorlines. She was the brand’s managing editor.HGTV Magazine has named Kate English as associate publisher, marketing. English was previously the magazine’s executive director of integrated marketing.Rick Hamann is the new senior vice president of Onion labs at Onion Inc. He was formerly senior vice president and group creative director at Energy BBDO.Scholastic named Heather McIntosh Cassano as its chief experience officer. Before joining the company she had the same role at Pearson. David Perel has joined Bauer Media as editorial director of In Touch and Life & Style. Perel was previously with AMI, where he served as executive vice president of digital content.M named Jim Windolf as its new editor-in-chief. He was previously serving as a senior consulting editor for the magazine. Peter Goodman left his role as executive business editor at The Huffington Post and joined the International Business Times as editor-in-chief.Guggenheim Media has named Mike Bruno vice president of He was previously assistant managing editor at Entertainment Weekly. Also, Will Lee joined the company as vice president of digital content for The Hollywood Reporter. Lee was at Penske Media, where he was vice president of strategy.last_img read more

The Nest Hello smart video doorbell drops to 16574 Update Sold out

first_img Mentioned Above Nest Hello Get Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 and Premiere Elements 2019 for $100Sure, you can do some basic photo and video editing on your phone, but mobile apps will take you only so far. For more detailed work, you need a PC and capable software.Here you go: For a limited time, Amazon is offering Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 and Premiere Elements 2019 (for Windows and Mac) for $100. Regular price: $150.See it at AmazonPhotoshop Elements is like the junior version of Photoshop, the 800-pound gorilla of image editors. It’s designed to help you organize, manage, fix, enhance and share your photos.Now, I’m the first to point out that you can accomplish Photoshop-level image editing with free tools like Gimp and Paint.NET. Those programs have fairly steep learning curves, however. They’re not what I would call consumer-friendly. Photoshop Elements has a learning curve, too, but it’s definitely more guided, more intuitive.As for Premiere Elements, it’s a pretty powerful consumer-level video editor. With it you can import clips from just about any source and turn your footage into a polished, professional-looking movie.  There are some negative reviews from Amazon buyers, but look closely: Most of those came from folks who didn’t follow the license-redemption instructions properly — or thought they were buying Photoshop proper.Get a $100 iTunes gift card for $85Do you spend a lot on iTunes? Are you eyeballing the current Marvel movie sale that has a bunch of MCU titles (like The Avengers) on sale for $10 apiece? Here’s a way to save a few bucks.For a limited time, and while supplies last, PayPal Digital Gifts (via eBay) is offering a $100 iTunes gift card for $85. It’s a digital card delivered via email.See it at eBayYou can use this for iTunes and App Store purchases. Sound good? Hurry up: In my experience, these deals don’t last long. (The $50 gift card for $42.50 is currently sold out.)CNET’s Cheapskate scours the web for great deals on PCs, phones, gadgets and much more. Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page. Questions about the Cheapskate blog? Find the answers on our FAQ page. Find more great buys on the CNET Deals page and follow the Cheapskate on Facebook and Twitter! See It Dell Tags $229 $229 Share your voice CNET may get a commission from retail offers. 7 Smart Home See It Comments See It Best Buycenter_img Nest Adobe Amazon Now playing: Watch this: Crutchfield Ding, dong, the list (price) is dead… Tyler Lizenby/CNET I don’t throw around words like “scourge” lightly, but porch pirates are a scourge on society, no question. It’s not surprising, then, that video doorbells have exploded in popularity — they give you a live view of who’s at the door and can record video whenever they detect motion.Read more: 7 ways to keep packages from getting stolen off your porchThe top-end models tend to be pricey, usually in the $200-$250 range. For a limited time, however, and while supplies last, CE Overstock (via Rakuten) has the Nest Hello smart Wi-Fi video doorbell for $165.74 when you apply promo code SAVE15. That requires you to have a Rakuten “membership” (free) and be signed into your account. Update: Sold out! But see below for a price that’s just $4 higher.See it at RakutenIf supplies run out, here’s a close second: MassGenie has the Nest Hello for $169.95 when you’re signed into your account and click the orange Power Deal button. It usually sells for $229.Here’s the most important thing to know about the Nest Hello: It’s CNET’s favorite video doorbell, beating out the likes of the August View Doorbell Camera and Ring Video Doorbell 2. Read our full Nest Hello review to learn why.As is common (unfortunately) with many smart doorbells, this one requires a monthly subscription to really get the most from it. Although Nest stores a three-hour video history at no extra charge, it’s probably a good idea to get Nest Aware, which for $5 per month stores a five-day video history.That subscription also nets you extras like activity zones (which let you limit motion detection to, say, just the porch area, so you don’t get a bunch of alerts every time a car drives by) and person and facial recognition.For what it’s worth, I’m currently testing a less expensive video doorbell that’s similar in design and offers free cloud storage, but it’s nowhere near as versatile as the Nest Hello. The latter is not only CNET’s top pick, but also a top-rated choice among users: Everywhere I look, I see average ratings of anywhere from 4.6 stars to 5 stars. (Seriously, check out Lowe’s: 5.0 average from over 2,300 buyers!)Assuming you’re going to end up paying some kind of monthly fee for cloud storage and whatnot, you might as well get the best deal you can on the hardware. This is one of the best deals I’ve seen, period. See it $229 Nest Hello Review • Nest Hello review: This is the smartest video doorbell around Nest Hello video doorbell: Smarter than your average… Best laptops for college students: We’ve got an affordable laptop for every student. Best live TV streaming services: Ditch your cable company but keep the live channels and DVR. The Cheapskate 2:39 $175last_img read more

Go the eLoc way find addresses digitally across the country

first_imgRepresentational image of digital mapping.PixabayMapmyIndia, a digital mapping firm, on Monday announced the launch of eLoc, a facility to locate addresses digitally. eLoc is a six-character, free-to-use tool that can be used by people and enterprises, especially those in logistics. Read: Moneyfront claims to have 1,100 MF investors using its robo advisory”eLoc of any place, be it a building/flat/office/business/city/village/locality/road and so on, is a short, 6 character code (for e.g. 8GDTYX, or MMI000), which is easy to remember, share, type and provide,” the Delhi-based mapping firm said in a statement.There are multiple benefits to users, according to the firm. “eLoc will help Indian travellers and commuters search, share and navigate to destinations’ exact doorstep far more easily and quickly. It will also reduce time, money, fuel wastage and expenses for businesses in the ecommerce, transportation, logistics and field operations domains,” MapmyIndia said.MapmyIndia currently has about 2 crore eLocs on its digital address database encompassing about 7,000 urban locations and more than six lakh village addresses. Users who are currently availing of eLoc include individuals, companies and government organisations.Flipkart, Qualcomm Ventures and Zenrin are investors in CE Info Systems Pvt. Ltd., the owner of MapmyIndia. The company was co-founded by Rakesh Verma and Rashmi Verma.The other tools of the company include SafeMate, a personal GPS safety device for women, children, and families, and DriveMate, a plug and play device that connects users to their cars.last_img read more