Plants vs Zombies 2 revealed its a freemium iOS exclusive

first_imgPopCap has finally decided to unveil the next installment of its megahit. Today we learned that PvZ2 will launch this summer and will known officially as Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time.Around four years ago, PopCap released a fantastic game with a somewhat arbitrary premise that didn’t seem to have much of a market. As a casual tower defense game with a dizzying upgrade system, the game seemed like it wouldn’t appeal to a wide audience, and would instead find a niche home. Instead, the soon-to-be-classic was loved by just about everyone. Personally, even though I beat it multiple times soon after its release, I knew Plants vs. Zombies was something special when I saw a woman of about 70 playing it on her phone on the subway, while an unrelated child of about 9 was playing it on his dad’s iPhone.The trailer for PvZ2 doesn’t reveal any gameplay, but we can guess that it will include plopping plants down in a lawn to deter zombies from breaking into your house. The subtitle also refers to some kind of time travel mechanic, as shown in the Back to the Future-esque trailer.This is a good news, bad news situation, though. Good news: the game will debut worldwide on July 18, only around six weeks away! Bad news (for some of you): the sequel will launch exclusively on iOS, though it does seem to be a timed exclusive, at least, based on the wording.Oh, and worse news: Plants vs. Zombies 2 will employ some kind of freemium model, which means there will be a cash shop, and it will probably bother you. The press release states that players can access every zombie, and every level in every world at no additional cost, but upgrades will be available for purchase.The press release notes that PvZ2 was built from the ground up as a “live service,” which strikes fear into the heart of anyone who tries to play mobile games on a commute that passes through multiple dead zones. Ideally, that phrase doesn’t mean “always-connected,” as so many mobile games are nowadays, but rather is just fancy-speak for a game that receives persistent content updates.PopCap will release more videos for the game over on the official site, and be sure to pay attention to E3 next week, where the actual game (rather than a pretty trailer) will be shown off.last_img read more