Raiders midseason superlatives: MVP, biggest disappointment and more

first_imgIn a Raiders season that has already felt like an eternity, there are somehow still eight games to go.Jon Gruden currently holds picks No. 2, 10 and 21 or later in the first round (Bears currently slated to make the playoffs) next year, and that’s about the only reason for optimism in an otherwise wasted season.With the Raiders halfway through their 2018 slate and a daunting second half ahead, let’s hand out some midseason superlatives.Most Valuable Player: Rodney Hudson, center Hu …last_img

Oldest Bat Fossil: Was It Evolving?

first_imgA bat fossil surpassing the previous record holder for the oldest by 2 million years made the cover of Nature this week.1  The news media immediately began saying that it provided insight into evolution. The BBC News announced “Bat fossil solves evolution poser.” National Geographic called it the icing on the cake, and said that “the fossils represent a breakthrough in the understanding of bat evolution.” PhysOrg called it a missing link that “demonstrates that the animals evolved the ability to fly before they could echolocate.”That last statement gets to the crux of the evolution angle. It’s not that this specimen was part bat and part something else. It was fully capable of flight and was easily identified as a bat. What it appeared to lack (though this point is somewhat questionable) is the ability for echolocation – the bat’s famous sonar navigation system. Some living bats have echolocation; others do not. The ones without it typically have a smaller cochlea (the inner ear organ that converts sound waves into nerve impulses). Since the fossil appeared to have a small cochlea, the researchers inferred that it lacked echolocation; however, size may not be the only valid diagnostic. We know that miniaturization can be a measure of advanced technology (e.g., iPod over cassette player). Without the ability to observe this species in action, it would be impossible to prove that it could not echolocate with its compact cochleae.The evolutionary question before these scientists and reporters was not whether bats evolved – their minds were already made up on that point. “There has been a longstanding debate,” though, “about how bats evolved, centering around the development of flight and the development of the sonar system they use to navigate and hunt for prey,” PhysOrg explained. The majority opinion among evolutionists seems to have been that echolocation came first, then flight. This fossil seemed to suggest the reverse.Echolocation or not, there was never any doubt this was a bat. It was classified in the bat order Chiroptera, and given the name Onychonycteris. Even though this bat is similar to modern bats that lack echolocation, it “may have been otherwise equipped for flying at night,” wrote John Speakman (U of Aberdeen) in the same issue of Nature.2  Why, then, did the discoverers call it “primitive”? Nothing in the paper provided definitive evidence the bat was lacking in “derived” (i.e., advanced, or “highly evolved”) features. There were only suggestions couched in tentative wording:The shape of the wings suggests that an undulating gliding-fluttering flight style may be primitive for bats, and the presence of a long calcar indicates that a broad tail membrane evolved early in Chiroptera, probably functioning as an additional airfoil rather than as a prey-capture device. Limb proportions and retention of claws on all digits indicate that the new bat may have been an agile climber that employed quadrupedal locomotion and under-branch hanging behaviour.Obviously, the researchers cannot watch a fossil bat fly in a fossilized sky. A creature capable of being called an “agile climber” as well as a flyer should not be judged primitive on that basis; are not two skills better than one? Possession of claws seems also a questionable measure of primitiveness. It would seem more primitive to lack a structure than to have it.As for that echolocation question, the discoverers were more hedged in their wording than the science reporters. After weighing the evidence, they said, “there is no unambiguous evidence that Onychonycteris was capable of laryngeal echolocation.” Their graph shows that the cochlea of this species is right on the borderline between echolocating and non-echolocating species. On the other wing, it “was clearly capable of powered flight,” they said. Speakman concurred: “The bat’s wing morphology is very similar to that of extant species, except that it has claws on its digits,” he said. “But in all other respects this is clearly a bat capable of powered flight.” In addition, the authors inferred that it most likely ate insects, as do modern echolocating bats.The only basis for claiming this bat was primitive, then, seems to be that it was found in strata assumed to be 52 million years old rather than 50 million years old, and according to evolutionary theory, “Bats are thought to have evolved from terrestrial mammals, and scientists have long pondered whether they took to the air before or after they could echolocate.” So said National Geographic. It looked like a bat, and it flew like a bat. It was labeled primitive simply because evolutionary theory assumes that older means more primitive.One other evolutionary question was considered. Why hasn’t echolocation evolved among ground-dwelling mammals? An evolutionary answer was at the ready. Speakman spoke to that, but his answer raised other questions:However, around the end of the 1980s, evidence accumulated, including work from my own group, that favoured the ‘flight-first’ hypothesis. One paper showed that, for a bat hanging at rest, echolocation is extremely energetically costly. This high cost probably explains why no terrestrial mammals have evolved full-blown echolocation systems such as those used by bats. However, a second paper showed that when a bat takes flight these costs disappear. This is because of a remarkable coupling of the beating of the wings with the ventilation of the lungs and production of the echolocation pulses. When a bat hangs stationary and echolocates, it must contract its muscles specifically to generate a forceful expiratory burst, and this is where the large costs come from. When a bat is flying, it is already contracting these muscles, so in effect echolocation when flying is free (or at least substantially cheaper).But what about the problem of bats flying in darkness before they could orient themselves? A hypothesis I favour is that the earliest ancestors of bats may have been diurnal, and had visual means of orientation – but were perhaps forced to become nocturnal by the appearance of avian predators, shortly after the dinosaurs became extinct around 65 million years ago. Some then evolved echolocation, whereas others became nocturnal vision specialists.He did not discuss why flying hawks would represent more a threat than flying reptiles. He also did not discuss why any other complex organ that involves high cost (i.e., most organs in the body) would have evolved, if cost is such a hurdle to natural selection.For decades in his famous debates with evolutionists, Dr. Duane Gish of ICR pointed to fossil bats as an ideal test case for creation vs evolution. He pointed out the many modifications it would take to make a flying mammal out of a shrew or mouse, and how all these changes should be preserved in the fossil record as transitional forms. Then he would hold up a picture of the oldest known fossil bat, and say it was “100% bat.” At the time, he knew about Icaronycteris, the alleged 50-million-year-old species exhibited in the American Museum of Natural History. He would quote Glenn Jepson from an issue of Science in 1966 saying that nothing related to a bat has ever been found in the fossil record that is any older than Icaronycteris, and it is essentially identical to a modern bat.3It is unlikely this new discovery would cause Dr. Gish to change the core of his argument. In fact, he might claim it makes it stronger: Onychonycteris, found in the same Wyoming Eocene strata but lower than Icarnoycteris, was allegedly two million years earlier – but it, too, was a 100% flight-capable bat. This only pushes the problem farther back for evolution. Now, all those specialized adaptations would have had to evolve in less time. There are still no transitional forms. Knowing Gish, he might have teased his debate partner by quipping that the evolutionist batting average is zero.1.  Simmons, Seymor, Habersetzer and Gunnell, “Primitive Early Eocene bat from Wyoming and the evolution of flight and echolocation,” Nature 451, 818-821 (14 February 2008) | doi:10.1038/nature06549.2.  John Speakman, “Evolutionary biology: A first for bats,” Nature 451, 774-775 (14 February 2008) | doi:10.1038/451774a.3.  Duane Gish, Evolution: The Fossils Still Say No, ICR 1995 revision, pp. 185-187.You see what the evolutionists do, don’t you? You understand the modus operandi of their crimes. Their M.O. is, simply: “assume evolution.” Evolution is their miracle worker, that appears on cue, like Tinker Bell with her miracle-mutation wand, to produce anything they need. Since the Darwinian storytellers have usurped the institutions of science, they have no need for proof, demonstration and evidence. Fossils and other observable things are mere props for their stories. The basic plot is fixed in stone. Like a counterfeit tree of life, the Darwinian story of common ancestry via unguided processes over millions of years is guarded against critical analysis by angles with flaming words (puns intended).You also just saw (again) the Darwin-drunk news media not only parroting the evolution angle verbatim, but even embellishing it. The original paper worded its claims with a modicum of doubt, but the BBC News trumpeted, “Bat fossil solves evolution poser.” But look at the fossil evidence! The Darwinists should be ashamed. The oldest known bat in the fossil record is 100% bat and no less advanced than living bats! How on earth can any sensible scientist claim that this supports Darwinism? Did any of them tell us how complex capabilities like echolocation or flight could have arisen by chance? Did they elaborate the dozens, if not thousands, of lucky mutations that would have had to come together blindly to produce a flying mammal from a mouse? No! If anything, they uncovered a more astonishing thing – that the flight capabilities of bats are dynamically integrated with their sonar systems. Did they watch 52 million years go by? Did they watch the so-called primitive bat change into a more advanced creature? Did they seriously entertain any of the many, many scientific criticisms that could be leveled against their tale? No, no, no.If this non-stop parade of dogmatism masquerading as science makes you mad, join the campaign to expose the Darwinists. Don’t let them get away with using this discovery as a prop for their fable. Don’t let some evolution advocate stack papers like this on the witness stand to claim evolution is scientific. Understand what is really going on in biology these days. Keith Wanser stated it succinctly: “There is not one theory of evolution, but a body of opinions, speculations and methods for interpretation of observational facts so that they fit into the philosophy of naturalism.” That, friends, is not science, and does not deserve the honor of being taught in our schools.(Visited 404 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Plant Accelerates 600 G’s

first_imgAmong the fastest organisms in the world is – a plant.  The bladderwort Utricularia, a carnivorous plant that lives in the water, sucks in its prey in a thousandth of a second with an acceleration 600 times the force of gravity.    New Scientist and Science Daily reported on work by the University of Freiberg, where scientists filmed the action with a high-speed camera because “the motion is too fast to observe” with the naked eye.  BBC News included a video clip showing the action in slow motion.  The “remarkable door” that acts like a “flexible valve” operates by “glands in the plant that continually pump out water, creating a depression inside the tiny bladder,” the BBC News explained.  “When a passing creature stimulates microscopic, super-sensitive hairs, this trapdoor buckles inward and opens, allowing the bladderwort to suck in water and any unsuspecting creature it contains.”  Science Daily said there are four trigger hairs.  The resulting response “ranks among the fastest plant movements known so far.”    The BBC explained the scientists’ reaction to this phenomenon: “The plant’s tiny suction trap was much faster and more efficient than the scientists had predicted.”  Dr. Philippe Marmottant exclaimed, “The same trap can fire hundreds of times.  It is an amazing piece of mechanics.”  Science Daily explained, “Prey animals are sucked in with an acceleration of up to 600 times that of gravity, leaving them no chance to escape.  The door deformation involves a complete inversion of curvature which runs in several distinguishable intermediate steps.”     Marmottant and the other researchers would like to reverse-engineer this marvel: “the plant could provide a template to design miniature medical devices, such as a ‘lab-on-a-chip’, which samples tiny amounts of blood that could be used in diagnostic tests.”  None of the articles speculated on how this high-speed trap mechanism might have evolved, but Science Daily mentioned, “These so-called bladders have fascinated scientists since Darwin’s early works on carnivorous plants.”  It also shielded the question of origin of the bladderwort’s amazing design with the indirect, passive-voice statement, “This ultra-fast, complex and at the same time precise and highly repetitive movement is enabled by certain functional-morphological adaptations.”The wonders of nature should inspire design and lead to appreciation of design – not to storytelling about how stuff happens by mistake (01/26/2011).  Logic quiz: what do you get when you add mistakes to mistakes, or multiply mistakes by mistakes?  Mistakes.  What do you get when you add or multiply mistakes to design?  Broken designs.  Where, then, do good designs come from?  Design that minimizes mistakes – i.e., intelligent design.(Visited 26 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

All people in South Africa are and feel safe

first_imgNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN OUTCOME 3In 2030, all people living in South Africa feel safe, have no fear of crime, are properly served by the police and courts, and know corruption no longer eats away at their livelihoods.•  Overview•  Document downloads•  Quality basic education•  Health care for all•  Safety & freedom from fear•  Economy & employment•  A skilled workforce•  Economic infrastructure•  Vibrant rural communities•  Sustainable human settlements•  Accountable local government•  Natural environment•  South Africa in the world•  Efficient public service•  Inclusive social protection•  Nation building, social cohesion Safety – DownloadsFind out more about the National Development Plan.• National Development Plan – full text• National Development Plan – Chapter 12: Building safer communities• National Development Plan – Chapter 14: Promoting accountability and fighting corruption• Medium-Term Strategic Framework 2014 to 2019 – Outcome 3: All people in South Africa are and feel safe• Business Against Crime: Criminal Justice System Review• Statistics South Africa: Victims of Crime Survey 2012• Infographic: Building safer communities • Infographic: Promoting accountability and fighting corruption Safety – The visionThe National Development Plan’s vision is that, in 2030, people living in South Africa feel safe at home, at school and at work. They enjoy community life without fear. Women walk freely in the street and children play safely outside.People have confidence that the criminal justice system will catch and prosecute criminals. The police are professionals – skilled, disciplined and ethical individuals who value their work and serve the community.Substantially reduced serious and violent crime means businesses are thriving. Local and foreign investors are setting up new businesses. These create new jobs, which in turn reduce poverty and inequality.The criminal justice system is well-resourced and professional. Its officials are skilled, value their work, serve the community, safeguard lives and property, protect communities and citizens against violent crime, and respect people’s rights to equality and justice.South Africa’s borders are safely guarded, secure and well-managed.South Africa has zero tolerance for corruption, which has been radically reduced. Anti-corruption agencies are well-resourced, with skilled and experienced officials. Free of political influence, they have strong powers to investigate and prosecute corruption.Citizens do not offer bribes and have confidence that public and private officials will be held accountable for their actions. Leaders, in turn, have integrity and high ethical standards.Safety – The challengesUnacceptably high levels of crime, especially serious and violent crime, cause people in South Africa – especially vulnerable groups such as women, children and the elderly – to feel unsafe and live in fear.Crime hampers the country’s economic development and undermines the wellbeing of its people, limiting their ability to achieve their potential.The criminal justice systemWork is needed throughout the criminal justice system – police, the courts, and correctional services. Public confidence is eroded when criminals escape the law, arrests do not lead to convictions, and prisoners escape courtrooms and detention facilities.Major issues include lengthy court processes, case backlogs, overlong awaiting-trial imprisonment, overcrowding in prisons, inadequate rehabilitation and welfare programmes for first and young offenders, and repeat offenders.Border securitySouth Africa’s borders – land, sea, and air – must be safeguarded to curb transnational crime and corruption.Cross-border crime includes illegal immigration, drug trafficking, human trafficking, arms smuggling, the transport of stolen vehicles, and the import of illegal import of contraband. Criminality at our borders can be exacerbated by corrupt border officials.A range of uncoordinated government departments and state agencies work on our borders. This has led to security loopholes, poorly synchronised planning, monitoring and oversight, the misalignment of critical systems, and weak integrated risk management.CybercrimeInformation and communication technology is now indispensable to South African society. This means both the economy and ordinary people risk falling victim to cybercrime. Digital crime is also a threat to national security.Increased global bandwidth will lead to wider internet use and a corresponding increase in criminal activities in cyberspace. Existing digital security policies and legal frameworks are not up to the task to deal with existing challenges. South Africa also lacks the institutional mechanisms to curb digital crime in a coordinated manner.CorruptionIntolerably high levels of corruption in both the public and private sectors undermine the rule of law and impede South Africa’s work towards socioeconomic development and service delivery.Perceptions of corruption deter investment in the country. More than this, corruption in the criminal justice system erodes public trust in the system’s ability to combat corruption.Anti-corruption measures have not led to enough prosecutions and convictions, especially in cases where the amount involved is more than R5-million.The challenges remain that public servants are not yet sufficiently accountable, whistle-blowers not adequately protected, and procurement not closely enough monitored.Safety – Action requiredAchieving the vision of a safe South Africa, free of fear and corruption, requires targeted action in five areas.• Strengthening the criminal justice system• Creating a professional police service• Demilitarising the police service• An integrated approach to the causes of crime• Building community participationStrengthening the criminal justice systemA strong criminal justice system (CJS) requires cooperation between all departments in the government’s justice, crime prevention and security cluster. The Review of the South African Criminal Justice System has come up with a seven-point plan to fix current weaknesses.• A single set of objectives, priorities and performance measurement targets.• Legislation and protocols to align the CJS.• Practical short- and medium-term proposals to improve performance of courts.• Improve components of the CJS that reduce its overall performance.• A national CJS information system to improve strategies, plans and decision-making.Creating a professional police serviceThe police codes of conduct and professionalism should be linked to promotion and discipline. Recruitment should attract competent, skilled professionals.Demilitarising the police serviceThe decision to demilitarise the police force, moving away from its history of brutality, was a key goal of transformation after 1994. The recent remilitarisation of the police has not resulted in greater respect for the police or higher conviction rates – if anything, it has contributed to violence. The police should be demilitarised and developed into a professional civilian service.An integrated approach to the causes of crimeA safe society means tackling the fundamental causes of criminality, which require a wide range of state and community resources.Building community participationCivil society organisations and civic participation are needed to establish safe communities. Community safety centres should be considered.Safety – Key medium-term goals for 2019The Medium Term Strategic Framework (2014 to 2019) identifies the following sub-outcomes to ensure all South Africans are and feel safe.• Reduced levels of contact crime• An efficient and effective Criminal Justice System• South Africa’s borders effectively defended, protected, secured and well-managed• Secure cyberspace• Domestic stability ensured• Identity of all persons in South Africa known and secured• Corruption in the public and private sectors reducedSafety – Key medium-term targets for 2019The Medium Term Strategic Framework (2014 to 2019) identifies the following targets to ensure all South Africans are and feel safe.GRAPHIC: MARY ALEXANDER Researched, edited and compiled by Mary AlexanderUpdated December 2015last_img read more

Eylure Pro Lash Individuals Combo : LOVE THESE THINGS!

first_imgI have been making use of comprehensive wrong eyelash strips for about six months now – re-making use of a new half-eyelash strip for every eye each working day (quite affordable for ten pair packs on ebay?). Even so, i discovered a close friend experienced pretty natural looking long glamourous lashes. And that’s why i finished up trying these ‘individual extension lashes’ which you glue in involving your very own lashes (or somewhat on major). The first endeavor was a minimal ‘gloopy’ – and a magnifying mirror is a need to, but by the 2nd endeavor i was a pro. If you also dye your very own eyelashes with a long term eyelash dye (long lasting mascara) initial, it provides an excess excellent result. I would absolutely recommend finding a black long-lasting adhesive, and trying to keep the amount utilized to a little dot per lash.Not as effortless as you may feel but worthy of the energy. Alright so i employed these for the very first time tonight with salon process semi long-lasting lash adhesive. Clear your eyelashes, i use bioderma crealine h20. Most effective eye make up remover i very own that is not oily. Pour a drop on some tin foilplace the eyelashes packet open with the flares absent from you. Select up a lash with some very good tweezers and dip the unflared close in the glue and if you have way too a great deal glue, drag it on the tin foil to get rid of the excesswhen you decide on up the eyelash with the tweezers, it should really be 50 percent way down the lashes with the flares pointing absent from you. Hover in front of your eyelashes and amend your hand placement so that you can ascertain what the most effective angle of your all-natural eyelashes are so that when you set the bogus lash on you really don’t have to wriggle to way too considerably on your natural lashes for the reason that this can disperse much too substantially glue on your purely natural lashes. At the time the lash is in location, you can use the foundation of the tweezers to push down on to your natural lashes or (and this is not for the faint hearted) you can use your tweezers to push the wrong eyelash and your all-natural lash alongside one another but this entails extremely pointy tweezers millimeters from your sensitive eye.I use salon system glue with them nevertheless. .I use salon system glue with them on the other hand.Pretty normal on the lookout lashes. When taking away them very a couple obtained damaged but way much less than the lashes i have applied previously. I like that its combo pack n that i dont have to go out n get two far more packs of lashes.I preferred this item very a great deal, nonetheless i choose the shorter lashes than the lengthier kinds, you only need a few of long lashes for the corners of your eyes to make them extra opened on the lookout. They are the most natural wrong eyelashes i have uncovered so significantly. Nevertheless, i agree with the other opinions that they wouldnt very last 4 months.Eylure Pro Lash Individuals Combo for short, medium and long, Knot Free : These lashes lasted a week on me. Very easy to apply will defo buy again but would recommend buy a different glue. Excellent benefit lashes that do the job properly. Very good worth lashes that get the job done nicely. I have lash extensions and use these to fill in when the extensions get started to appear out and prolongs the time between getting the extensions.Good do-it-yourself lash extension package. I have had lash extensions finished professionally a several times. In my encounter, personal lashes usually give the most effective benefits. These lashes are much more like cluster lashes which are not as goood as personal lashes. Having said that, these unique lashes appear very natural compared to other cluster lashes i have occur across. I would recommend making use of a unique glue simply because this one does clearly show up pretty easily. They are reasy to use with the bourjois lash tweezers and very last much more than a couple times. For these a small price tag, they are terrific.Particular person eyelashes appealed to me because i wanted to realize a a lot more purely natural, understated glance e. By making use of a number of in the corner of my eyes. The variety of thicknesses and lengths intended i could do this as effectively as check out a variety of seems to be. Nonetheless, i do uncover software quite really hard and there was not more than enough glue for much more than a handful of employs.These are unquestionably amazing, i bought one box and then went on to obtain a different 4 containers as they are so great. 50 % the value they are in superdrug you can not complain, normally delivered immediately and no fuss. These kinds of a superior solution at the time you’ve got got the knack. The 1st time i made use of these i did uncover it quite difficult but now i can place them on in minutes and they previous brilliantly. Alright the box does say a little something like four months but i will not consider everyone truly expects that. They tend to previous me about ten times nonetheless as i only use a little total of mascara on them they can frequently be cleaned with a make up wipe and re utilized. My guidelines for implementing would be to get comfy with some good lighting a little handheld mirror and a great pair of tweezers. After using as soon as or 2 times you will be a pro.These are wonderful for those who want to dress in particular person lashes not total significant strip kinds. They glimpse so all-natural, and really quick to apply and have on, fantastic.Enjoy these lashes but wish they would very last extended. I like these lashes and as i do not don them all the time only on activities these are rather suitable for me as they are far more all-natural then some lashes i just would like the glue was greater and they would remain on for a longer period.Just acquired some b4 they arrived 5. forty when i observed selling price u just have to purchase them, so uncomplicated to do appear incredible get invest in purchase.I requested these eyelashes a handful of days in the past and they arrived now. I have been so psyched to try these considering the fact that i browse all the great reviews on them.They took me under forty minutes to implement to each eyes, and they glimpse remarkable. My mum enjoys them and by now so numerous people today have complimented them. They are not too heavy on your eyes like strip lashes & the final result is just fantastic. I individually adore these lashes and i have previously been asked by people to do theirs. I’ve had them on in the shower now & they are fantastic you just have to pat your eyes with a towel and be watchful you do not use oily experience creams ect. The only downfall is the glue drys very swiftly so i observed it much easier to just dab the eyelashes on to the adhere that’s connected to the lid of the glue.Will make my eyelashes look so natural. I am definitely getting these once more.Would make my eyelashes glance so normal.I have these done in a salon but the salon employs eylure so i imagined i would try out executing it myself the moment you try out specific lashes you cant reside with out them.I would go through the reviews just before acquiring and i have to say i’m amazed. I experienced equivalent kinds earlier performed in a salon but resolved i might have a go doing them myself. The instructions say you require foil, so i utilized that only to obtain the glue dried on the foil too immediately, finished up dabbing every lash bud/clump alongside the glue applicator/suggestion each and every time – this was significantly more rapidly and considerably less fiddley. It took me forty mins to do both of those eyes giving a very purely natural appear, about eight eyelash ‘sets’ per eye. I located i employed only the medium and short lashes – even they can be trimmed if you discover they are far too long. I’ve had mine on two weeks now and the odd just one which has arrive out is conveniently replaced. I have been telling my close friends about this solution and even practised on a close friend who was delighted with the consequence. The only downside is that the glue is apparent in colour. You can see it if you glance closely.These eyelashes search so purely natural. Ive never bought unique lashes right before ive allways just made use of the comprehensive ones so i am really satisfied with these and will be buying yet again.I would defo buy have glue with this as the glue dried to swift on the foil so experienced to retain including yet another dollop of glue. Eyelashes fell off though sleeping so i pulled the relaxation off. Did not even pull off my possess eyelashes with it since the glue is that bad.I got the blended sizes to attempt them out getting under no circumstances employed untrue eyelashes ahead of. I like the short kinds ideal as i wished a delicate glance so will get the short lashes upcoming time. Having said that they are quite quick to slash to ideal size. They are a little bit fiddly but when you get hang of it they are not lousy. Adhesive and remover will come with. Mine dont final 4 months as i think they state but do last 7 days or 2. Odd one falls off which i have to exchange but would put that down to my inexperience rather than the lashes.Hii appreciate these lashes they are fantasticthese lashes give you a lot more all-natural seem the the common person lashes (with the bulbs on the conclusion) and are considerably less difficult to utilize. I individually would desire a little bit more variance in length options so i could give an even a lot more organic glance, due to the fact the variation in lengths are very noticeable when looking carefully, nevertheless that could just be me being a perfectionist?. Lolthe staying electric power of the lashes is pretty excellent but i wouldn’t say they very last 4 months like it suggests on the box.This does not set me off however purely since you can replace lashes as the fall out to keep them seeking sensible, compared with strip lashesthere are some down sides. . They give you too quite a few of the short lashes and not numerous of the long lashes. So masses of the short lashes get squandered. I feel if they have been to box all the measurements (moreover additional measurements) independently then this would give customers considerably much more overall flexibility and be much a lot more cost affective for them, admittedly for the to start with few of purchases this would be additional pricey (to get three or 4 packing containers to get the ideal influence) but up retain and repeat obtaining would be far more price productive and far considerably less wastefuli would suggest these lashes and i individually use them all the time, nonetheless i am always searching for anything that will tick all the bins for me :)hope this helps.Item was just as described and i’m super pleased with it :-).last_img read more

Beware: We May Be Entering The Age Of Cybersabotage

first_imgCloud Hosting for WordPress: Why Everyone is Mo… Tags:#cyberattacks#cyberespionage#cybersecurity#energy companies#oil companies#sabotage#saboteurs#spying#The New York Times antone gonsalves Serverless Backups: Viable Data Protection for … Low-level cyberscuffles between nations may be about to escalate into more serious conflicts. U.S. government officials are reporting a new wave of attacks aimed at sabotage within the U.S., apparently originating from somewhere in the Middle East.The New York Times reported over the weekend that saboteurs are using probes to look for ways to seize control of processing plants of mostly U.S. “energy companies” — presumably oil and gas producers. Senior officials with the Obama administration said the attacks are aimed at the administrative systems of 10 major American energy companies, which the sources have refused to name.Tension, Apprehension And DissensionTo be sure, so far no one seems to have independently corroborated these alleged attacks. As such, there’s no good way to know whether they are as potentially serious as these unnamed government officials — and, of course, the NYT — would have us believe.If the warnings are sound, though, cyberwar escalation still wouldn’t be a huge surprise. Security experts and government officials have long predicted that hackers bent on wreaking havoc will will eventually become as commonplace as those looking to steal government and corporate secrets.In February, then-Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta warned that the technology used in cyberattacks is able to “cripple a country, to take down our power grid system, to take down our government systems, take down our financial systems, and literally paralyze the country. That is a reality.”The U.S. and Israel provided the motivation for their enemies to pick up the pace with their cyberattack on Iran’s nuclear facilities several years ago. The two allies used the Stuxnet worm to damage centrifuges used in making high-grade uranium that could be used for nuclear weapons, according to the NYT. Experts believe Iran retaliated last year with the attack on Saudi Aramco, one of the world’s largest oil producers.A virus unleashed on Aramco administrative offices wiped out data on thousands of computers, replacing the deleted files with a burning American flag. The hackers targeted Aramco’s production facilities, government officials said. The mission reportedly failed because Aramco’s administrative offices were on a network separate from that used for industrial control systems. Using separate networks in this way is a best practice recommended by security experts.The Aramco attack was soon followed by a similar one launched against Qatari energy company RasGas, which also claimed the attack was stymied because its compromised office network wasn’t connected to production systems. Israeli officials said Iran’s “cybercorps” was behind the assault. Iran organized the group after the Stuxnet attack.Tit For TatThese tit-for-tat attacks could be morphing into a new phase of cyberwar where the consequences are much greater than the damage caused by pilfering a company’s trade secrets. Any attack that could destroy critical infrastructure — from oil production and the electric grid to manufacturing facilities and water treatment plants — has the potential to affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.Experts have warned for years that industrial control systems that run these facilities are filled with vulnerabilities that could be easily exploited. Fortunately, hackers haven’t yet been able to infiltrate the networks these systems are on.To shore up the nation’s critical infrastructure, President Barack Obama issued this year an executive order requiring government agencies to share cyberattack information with private industry. Industry, however, is under no orders to share information with the government, and changing that will require action by Congress, which is struggling with the privacy implications of requiring companies to share data with government agencies.center_img Related Posts How Intelligent Data Addresses the Chasm in Cloud Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostinglast_img read more

‘Split may let Dow off the hook for Bhopal’

first_imgSurvivors and activists working with the victims of the 1984 Union Carbide gas accident in Bhopal have expressed dismay at the indifference of the State and central governments towards the imminent possibility of Dow Chemical, owner of Union Carbide, escaping criminal liability.The organisations noted on Saturday that Dow Chemical, owner of Union Carbide, after merging with another American multinational DuPont, has announced plans to split up in to three entities by June 2019. According to the victims of the gas tragedy, Union Carbide, which has evaded responsibility for the last 26 years, will cease to be criminally liable following the trifurcation. The organisations said they had written to the Prime Minister as well as various Ministries, asking them to take specific steps. The letters have not even been acknowledged. “We have sought the Prime Minister’s intervention in enlisting the support of U.S. agencies to ensure that Union Carbide and Dow Chemical abide by the orders of Indian courts. He is fully empowered by the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty between the two countries to do this but so far he has chosen not to use these powers.” said Rachna Dhingra of the Bhopal Group for Information and Action.last_img read more

Sara Bareilles To Perform At NASCAR Foundation NYC Fete

first_imgThe NASCAR Foundation will host their first-ever NYC fete to celebrate 10 Years of Giving and to honor its Founder Betty Jane France, who passed away unexpectedly last month.Grammy and Tony nominated singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles will perform at the gala.Expected to attend are honoree Mark Lazarus (Chairman, NBC Sports Group); Hosted by The France Family, including Brian France (CEO and Chairman of NASCAR) and Amy France; featured performer Sara Bareilles; NASCAR Hall of Famers Richard Petty and Rusty Wallace; NASCAR Champions and Rising Stars including Jimmie Johnson, Kyle Busch, Danica Patrick, Kyle Larson, Kasey Kahne, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Martin Truex, Jr., Julia Landauer, Mike Helton; and special guests Lesa France Kennedy, Krista Voda, Ben Kennedy, Adrienne C. Moore (Actress, “Orange is the New Black”) and many more.The evening will honor those who have demonstrated admirable commitment to and support of children’s health initiatives through numerous awards, including first-ever NASCAR Foundation Founder’s Award, honoring one who has made significant contributions to philanthropy through use of time, talent and resources – both personally and professionally – to make a meaningful impact on the lives of children; the Speediactrics Children’s Champion Award to a medical professional who has showcased significant contributions, leadership and dedication to enriching the lives of children; the Betty France Humanitarian Award, presented by Nationwide, to the NASCAR fan who has shown tremendous dedication to improving the lives of children in their communities;The benefit will also launch of the Speediatrics Children’s Fund and present a live auction featuring the artwork of the 2015 Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award winner Jeff Hanson.WHEN: Tuesday, September 27, 2016 
WHERE: Marriot Marquis 1365 Broadway (between 45th and 46th Streets)NYCMORE: For more information and tickets, visit read more

Suspected Suicide in Freeport

first_img ALERT # 2 ON POTENTIAL TROPICAL CYCLONE NINE ISSUED BY THE BAHAMAS DEPARTMENT OF METEOROLOGY THURSDAY 12TH SEPTEMBER, 2019 AT 9 PM EDT Electricity Cost of Service Study among the big agenda items at September 11 Cabinet meeting Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppFreeport, Bahamas, February 9, 2017 – Suspected suicide under investigation in Grand Bahama today.  Reports are that a young man residing in South Bahamia was found already dead by his mother; the situation is shocking.Paul Ferrell is the young man identified.  We are awaiting further details in the case which is yet another blow to the island.#MagneticMediaNews The Luxury of Grace Bay in Down Town Provo Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:#magneticmedianewslast_img read more