Weekly Traffic Advisories

first_img INVERNESS COUNTY: West Lake Ainslie Road The Hayes River Bridge on West Lake Ainslie Road has a 15-tonne weight restriction. -30- CAPE BRETON REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Sydney River Bridge The Sydney River Bridge on Keltic Drive is closed for replacement. While the bridge is closed, the province is providing a free shuttle bus service between Coxheath Arena (305 Keltic Dr.) and Walmart (65 Keltic Dr.). A detour route for drivers has also been marked. The shuttle bus schedule is available at http://novascotia.ca/tran/highways/srb.asp . GUYSBOROUGH COUNTY: Melford Brook Bridge The Melford Brook Bridge, on Route 344 at Middle Melford, is closed. A two-lane detour bridge is in place until a permanent bridge is built. The speed limit is reduced to 60 km/h and warning signs are in place. HANTS COUNTY: Shubenacadie, Bridge Trunk 2 Shubenacadie Bridge on Highway 2 is reduced to one lane until Friday, Jan. 31. The speed limit is reduced to 50 km/h in the construction area. HANTS COUNTY: Glen Brook and MacInnis Brook Bridges The Glen Brook and MacInnis Brook bridges, on Route 202 in West Gore, have a 24-tonne weight restriction until further notice. CONTINUING WORKcenter_img INVERNESS COUNTY: Crowdis Bridge Crowdis Bridge is closed until further notice for repairs. A detour is available via Crowdis Cross Road, West Big Interval Road and Hatchery Road. VICTORIA COUNTY: Englishtown Ferry The Englishtown Ferry is out of service due to ice in the channel. Check 511 for updates. COLCHESTER/HANTS COUNTIES: Highway 102, Shubenacadie River Construction is taking place on Highway 102 at the bridges over Shubenacadie River until September 2015. Traffic is normally two lanes in both directions, however drivers are urged to travel with extra caution in the area. LUNENBURG COUNTY: LaHave ferry The LaHave cable ferry is out of service for cable repairs until further notice. Continue to check 511 for updates.last_img read more

Officers decry offensive limits on pot use planned by RCMP other forces

first_imgOTTAWA – Some police forces are implementing nonsensical and downright offensive policies that prohibit or severely limit off-duty cannabis use, says a national association that represents front-line officers.The critical comments come as the RCMP and the Toronto police service both eye a rule that would bar cannabis use by members within 28 days of a shift.The Calgary police service’s policy is even stricter, forbidding the vast majority of officers from consuming marijuana during their down time once recreational use of the drug becomes legal Oct. 17.Tom Stamatakis, president of the Canadian Police Association, wonders why certain forces are treating cannabis differently than other legal products — such as alcohol and prescription drugs — that can cause impairment.“Effectively what they’re saying is, we don’t trust police officers to make the right decision when it comes to reporting for work fit for duty,” Stamatakis said in an interview. “And I just find that to be an offensive approach.”There has been no meaningful consultation on the drafting and implementation of cannabis policies for officers, which vary drastically from force to force, Stamatakis said.“You want to create policies that are relevant and effective and that apply to the vast majority of your members, not policies that are designed to cater to the exception rather than the rule.”The Ottawa and Vancouver police services are among those with permissive policies that will allow off-duty cannabis use with no time restrictions, as long as officers show up ready and able to do their jobs.In contrast, the national police association has been told the RCMP policy would forbid cannabis use by officers 28 days before work.“It’s effectively an outright prohibition,” Stamatakis said.The Mounties said as recently as last week they were still working on a policy. The force had no additional comment Tuesday.The Toronto Police Association, which represents officers in Canada’s largest city, says while it is aware the municipal police service has drafted a cannabis-use policy, it has not yet seen a copy.“We are aware the draft policy may contain a 28-day waiting period before a member can report for duty after consuming cannabis,” association president Mike McCormack said Tuesday in a statement.“Once the TPA receives an official version of the policy dealing with this topic we will perform a legal analysis of its content for compliance with our collective agreements, legislation, human rights, case law, etc. and make a decision about any further action we may take at that point in time.”Workplaces across the country — particularly those with a role in ensuring public safety — are grappling with rules on cannabis use as legalization looms.Impairment, including impairment as a result of alcohol, opioids, cannabis or any other legal or illegal drug, is prohibited in all federal workplaces, the government says. The Treasury Board Secretariat has asked federal departments and agencies to update their codes of conduct and related policies to reflect cannabis legalization.Like the RCMP, other federal public-safety agencies are scrambling to get their pot-use policies in place. Both the Correctional Service of Canada and the Canada Border Services Agency said they were finalizing rules for employees.— Follow @JimBronskill on Twitterlast_img read more

UN court splits waters of Black Sea between Ukraine and Romania

The ruling by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) marked the sea border halfway between the territorial waters of the two countries, handing Romania some 80 per cent of the disputed area in a unanimous verdict to which both parties appear to agree, a UN spokesperson said today.The continental shelf of that area is believed to contain considerable deposits of gas and crude oil, the spokesperson added.The case concerning Maritime Delimitation in the Black Sea was opened in 2004 when Romania filed a complaint against Ukraine after half a dozen rounds of bilateral efforts failed to set the limits of the continental shelf and the exclusive economic zones (EEZ). 3 February 2009The United Nation’s top court has ruled that Ukrainian ownership of Serpent Island – a rocky outcrop in the Black Sea – does not entitle the country to exclusive rights to an undersea area, thought to be rich in hydrocarbons, it had disputed for decades with Romania. read more

Bosnia and Herzegovina facing worst crisis in years Security Council hears

Valentin Inzko, the High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, told a Council debate that Republika Srpska – one of two semi-autonomous entities that comprise the country – has taken “concrete actions which represent the most serious violation of the Dayton Paris Peace Agreement” since the pact was signed at the end of 1995. Last month Republika Srpska’s National Assembly decided to hold a referendum in June on the validity of the powers of the High Representative and many state-level institutions, including the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.“The recent actions by Republika Srpska, if allowed to proceed, would have a major impact on the functionality and sustainability of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Mr. Inzko said, citing the “significant number” of decisions taken, laws enacted and reforms made by his office since the 1995 peace deal.That agreement, created after almost four years of deadly inter-ethnic fighting, established Bosnia and Herzegovina with two constituent entities – Republika Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina – with each entity having significant autonomy in their respective area.Mr. Inzko warned today that unless Republika Srpska authorities withdraw the referendum, “I will have no choice but to repeal the conclusions and referendum decision.”The High Representative noted that Republika Srpska’s authorities, particularly President Milorad Dodik, have also “continued openly to question the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Bosnia and Herzegovina by repeatedly threatening the sustainability of Bosnia and Herzegovina and by frequently advocating for the dissolution of the country.“The authorities of Republika Srpska have also continued to undermine and question other state-level institutions in the country. The policy behind [this] is to show that these institutions are dysfunctional – and therefore not needed at state level.”Mr. Inzko added that the authorities continue to deny that genocide took place in the town of Srebrenica in 1995, even though this fact has been confirmed by international war crimes tribunals.The High Representative stressed that the recent developments underline the need for a continued international presence with an executive mandate and he cautioned against any “international fatigue” about the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.“We should have sufficient tools to prevent attempts aimed at rolling back the previously agreed reforms and at creating instability.”He noted that there is no prospect of a new state government being formed, seven months after elections were held, with political parties continuing to play zero-sum politics.The legislative process has stalled, resulting in no progress towards integration with the European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and the economy is under severe pressure.“The current situation in the Federation is also a dispute between the ethnicity-based politics and a more civic-oriented version, and follows the overall division of the society in the country,” Mr. Inzko said.“These approaches have so far been impossible to reconcile, and those Bosnian Croat parties which have been excluded – or rather excluded themselves – from the Federation authorities are now refusing cooperation with the Federation government. This will inevitably lead to further division and difficulties in the Federation.”Representatives of nearly 20 countries, including those of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia, are slated to also address the Council debate today. 9 May 2011Bosnia and Herzegovina is facing its worst crisis since fighting stopped in 1995, with no prospect of a new state government being formed, a stalled economy and a direct threat from Republika Srpska to the country’s very existence, the Security Council heard today. read more

HRC discusses UPR with state officials

The accepted recommendations include the strengthening and ensuring of the independence of human rights institutions such as the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka, to take measures to safeguard freedom of expression, and to adopt necessary measures to safeguard the human rights of IDPs in accordance with applicable international standards. The Human Rights Commission says among the government institutions which took part in the discussions were the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms, the Ministry of External Affairs, the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Mass Media and Information, Ministry of Social services and the Ministry of Resettlement.During the discussions the participants expressed their views on the successful handling of various issues of human rights during and after the end of the civil war situation, the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka said.Separate discussions were also held between the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka and civil society groups in Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette) The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka has had discussions with government officials on implementing the recommendations mentioned during the last Universal Periodic Review (UPR) on Sri Lanka in 2008 in Geneva.According to the Human Rights Commission the discussion was held as a prelude to the second cycle of 14th session of the UPR working group meeting which will be held from 22nd October – 5th November 2012 in Geneva where Sri Lanka will be among the countries reviewed. UPR recommendations such as to extend standing invitations under the special procedures and to accept an independent international HR mechanism on the ground as soon as possible have been rejected by the Government, while it has expressed a general response to recommendations such as to sign and ratify the International Convention for Protection of All persons from Enforced Disappearances.The UPR is a human rights mechanism which was established by the UN General Assembly through which the UN Human Rights Council reviews, on a periodic basis, the fulfillment of the human rights obligations by each country. The government has accepted 52 while expressing a general response to 8 of a total number of 85 UPR recommendations which were given by the working group in 2008 and has rejected 25 of the recommendations. read more

India confident Sirisenas visit will help further boost ties

He will also visit Sanchi where he will tour the World famous Sanchi Stupa and attend a function by the Mahabodhi Society of Sri Lanka during which he will unveil a statute of Angarika Dharmapala. He will address the valedictory session at the Vaicharick Mahakumbh which is being held as part of the Simhastha Mahakumbh in Ujjain on the 14th of May. The President of Sri Lanka will also be in Delhi today where Prime Minister will host a dinner in his honour. (Colombo Gazette) The Indian Government says it is confident the visit by President Maithripala Sirisena will contribute to further strengthening the close and cooperative relations between India and Sri Lanka.President Sirisena is making a working visit to India today and tomorrow, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs said.

Iraq UN envoy flags improved Kuwait links with progress depending on restoration

In a briefing to the Security Council on the situation in the Middle Eastern country, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative and head of the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), Martin Kobler, noted how, earlier this year, Iraq demonstrated renewed commitment to improving its bilateral relations with Kuwait, and how he had “stepped-up” engagement with the two countries to see how the UN could best help resolve any outstanding issues in accordance with relevant Council resolutions. “In this context, I recently held high-level meetings in Iraq and Kuwait where I was encouraged by the strong commitment that both Prime Minister Maliki and the Amir of Kuwait expressed to normalizing relations between their two countries,” Mr. Kobler said. “I very much hope that they will now be able to move quickly and they can count on the UN in this regard.” Relations between the two countries were affected by Iraq’s 1990 invasion of Kuwait. The following year, the Security Council established the UN Compensation Commission (UNCC), which settles the damage claims of those who suffered losses in the invasion.So far, the amount of compensation disbursed by the UNCC totals $37.7 billion for more than 1.5 million successful claims of individuals, corporations, Governments and international organizations. Successful claims are paid with funds drawn from the UN Compensation Fund, which is funded by a percentage of the proceeds generated by the export sales of Iraqi petroleum and petroleum products.In his remarks, Mr. Kobler appealed to the Government of Iraq to “continue to demonstrate the goodwill necessary to fulfil Iraq’s other outstanding obligations, in particular to missing persons and property.” He noted how its commitment to fulfil these obligations will be conducive to the normalisation of relations between the two countries.“I equally call on the Government of Kuwait to continue to act in a spirit of flexibility and reciprocity as reflected earlier this year by the important reciprocal visits of the Amir in Baghdad and Prime Minister Maliki in Kuwait,” he said, adding that he remains fully committed to working with both Governments to resolve bilateral issues, at their request.In his briefing, in addition to a range of other issues related to Iraq, the envoy also addressed the situation affecting Iranian exiles located in a camp outside of the capital, Baghdad, urging the international community to come forward with offers for their resettlement. “I wish to emphasize that Camp Liberty was only meant to be an interim facility to facilitate the Refugee Status Determination and subsequent resettlement in third countries,” the Secretary-General’s Special Representative and head of the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), Martin Kobler, told a Security Council meeting on the situation in the Middle Eastern country.“I should like to take this opportunity to reiterate the Secretary-General’s appeal to Member States to offer resettlement opportunities to former residents of Camp Ashraf – without such an undertaking, there can be no sustainable solution for the residents,” he added.In line with a memorandum of understanding signed in December by the UN and the Iraqi Government to resolve the situation, more than 3,100 of the 3,280 residents originally in Camp Ashraf – now also known as Camp New Iraq – have been re-located to a temporary transit location near Baghdad, known as Camp Hurriya – and formerly known as Camp Liberty – where a process to determine refugee status is being carried out by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). There are 100 residents left in Camp Ashraf.The issue of Camp Ashraf – located in eastern Iraq and once made up of several thousand Iranian exiles, many of them members of a group known as the People’s Mojahedeen of Iran – has been one of the main issues dealt with by UNAMI for more than a year.“The Government of Iraq insists to close Camp Ashraf in the next days,” Mr. Kobler said. “It requested the last 100 residents be relocated to Camp Hurriya.”He noted that UNAMI has spared no effort over the last weeks to help facilitate meetings between involved parties – however, these efforts have been unsuccessful so far, leading to a stalemate.“The Government of Iraq considers this stalemate as an attempt by the residents to delay the relocation of the remaining 100 persons,” Mr. Kobler said. “The Government of Iraq’s patience is, therefore, wearing thin. I call on the residents of Ashraf to cooperate with the Government of Iraq to solve all outstanding questions related to property.”The envoy also called on the Government of Iraq to maintain the peaceful relocation of the residents as stipulated in the memorandum of understanding, to demonstrate restraint, and be as flexible as possible when it comes to resolving property-related issues. In addition, he noted that UN staff who monitor the human rights and humanitarian situation of the residents of Camp Hurriya on a daily basis are often denied access to certain areas of the site which “hinders the performance of their duties.”“I urge the residents to engage constructively with the Government of Iraq and the United Nations so that Camp Ashraf can be closed peacefully and efforts can focus on the residents’ resettlement to third countries,” he added. read more

In final stop on Sahel visit Ban pledges ongoing UN support for

During a meeting yesterday in the capital, N’djamena, with President Idriss Déby Itno, the UN chief welcomed Chad’s contribution to United Nations peacekeeping operations, including in Mali.Mr. Ban also hailed the determination of Chad to end the recruitment and use of child soldiers in its armed forces. The two leaders also discussed the worrying security and humanitarian situation in Central African Republic, stressing the need for more international attention to that crisis. They also discussed the implementation of the UN integrated strategy for the Sahel and the assistance which the countries of the region will need to lay the foundations for stability and sustainable development. They agreed on the importance of strengthening cooperation between regional and international partners to meet the common challenges of the Sahel.At this meeting, as he has been the case on other stops during the visit, the Secretary-General was accompanied by World Bank President Jim Yong Kim and top officials from the African Union (AU), African Development Bank (ADB) and European Union (EU).“I am pleased to be in Chad, while our visit to the Sahel draws to a close, and to be there in the company of so distinguished a delegation,” said Mr. Ban, adding: “We came to the region to demonstrate our solidarity with the Chadian people and the people of the Sahel and to continue and amplify our joint action.”The Secretary-General also stressed that the United Nations stood ready to support Chad for the preparation of local, legislative and presidential, elections that will be held next year. “I hope that the Independent Electoral Commission will be established as soon as possible to prepare the elections looming. The United Nations is ready to assist Chad in this area and in this area and in any action promoting democracy, development and respect for human rights.” read more

Victims of medical blunders should receive less compensation or NHS could face

first_imgThe leaders of the NHS Confederation, the British Medical Assocation and the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges said recent changes in the law have had a “disastrous effect” in inflating payouts to those… Victims of NHS blunders should receive smaller compensation payouts or the “staggering” costs of Britain’s negligence bills will bankrupt the health service, the Justice Secretary has been told. Health service leaders have written to the Government, calling for cuts to payments for patients who suffer devastating injuries as a result of medical errors.center_img The controversial demand follows years of rising negligence payments, with current liability now at £65bn – a rise from £29 billion in 2014/15.last_img

President yet to engage AFC on LGE even though APNU consultations

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedAFC says it wants to prove itself by going solo for LGEAugust 8, 2018In “latest news”APNU+AFC coalition not in jeopardy says President on LGE splitAugust 7, 2018In “latest news”Take your responsibility to the people of Guyana seriously – President Granger urges APNU/AFC MPsDecember 31, 2015In “latest news” President David Granger on Tuesday asserted that while the A Partnership For National Unity (APNU) and it’s members are committed to coalition politics, certain modalities still have to be worked out before they face the upcoming Local Government Elections (LGE) together.President David Granger“I am happy to say that all six partners are committed to coalition politics. We expect that this is the face we will present to the electorate at [LGE] later this year- that is our objective and so it is just a matter of working out the modalities,” he told media operatives following an event at State House today.According to Granger, the consultations process with the other partners have commenced, with the exception of the AFC.“I have to consult with five other parties and that consultation process has started and we have not engaged the AFC as yet, but we are aware of the comments made in the media about working together for Local Government Elections and we are still consulting with our partners to ensure that we come up with a way forward,” he posited.Last week, after months of uncertainty, the Alliance For Change (AFC) expressed willingness  to contest the Local Government Elections with APNU.From left: AFC Chairman Khemraj Ramjattan, Party Leader Raphael Trotman and General Secretary (GS) Marlon WilliamsThis disclosure was made by Public Security Minister and AFC Chairman, Khemraj Ramjattan.He had noted that the decision was made even as the parties are still trying to put certain mechanisms in place to ensure that they contest the elections with a good slate of candidates.“We have made a decision that we are going as a coalition. We have to trash out a number of issues preferably in relation to candidacy candidates, and number of other things,” he had said. “A letter has gone to the President (David Granger) as leader of APNU and we are supposed to address that through our leaders, Raphael Trotman and him.”When questioned today if he received the letter from the AFC, the President responded that he received “a letter.”The party’s decision to contest LGE under one ticket comes after its leader Raphael Trotman earlier this year indicated to the media that there is a possibility the AFC may enter the upcoming LGE alone.Trotman had said that “there is a strong opinion of body that we should go alone.”Days later, General Secretary of the People’s National Congress (PNC), the leading party in the APNU coalition, Amna Ally, said the APNU is prepared to contest the LGE without the AFC.However, the President had hinted that contesting LGE as a coalition would have been the best option.The AFC has, of recent, come under fire for the perceived submissive role it played when it joined forces with APNU.In 2017 the top leadership of the AFC had decided to revise its governing agreement, the Cummingsburg Accord, with APNU. However, almost five months into 2018 that is yet to be addressed.There have been reports that the AFC was not too comfortable with the current Cummingsburg Accord which sets out how the two coalition partners would divide up the Government Ministries.At the AFC’s National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting in February of this year it was acknowledged that “there are areas in the relationship that are working well and others that need to be examined, clearly defined and strengthened.” read more

Additional cobaltnickel mineralisation potential at Sconi Queensland

first_imgAustralian Mines Ltd advises that a review of the sterilisation drilling completed across the proposed processing infrastructure sites at Sconi, as part of the company’s BFS, has indicated that high grade cobalt and nickel mineralisation extends across the sites proposed for the processing plant and haul roads.The sterilisation drilling, undertaken by Metallica Minerals in the lead-up to the project PFS, identified a preferred site for the processing plant at Sconi. This location appears primarily designed to optimise scandium production from the orebody and did not comprehensively sterilise the cobalt and nickel prospectivity of the proposed mining and processing area.Since acquiring a 100%-interest in Sconi from Metallica Minerals in 2017, and having signed a binding off-take agreement with SK Innovation, Australian Mines has been focused on optimising the Sconi BFS for cobalt and nickel production to maximise economic returns.This finding by Australian Mines’ studies team that the previous sterilisation drilling intersected similar grades to those included in the project’s current Mineral Resource indicates that the overall footprint of cobalt and nickel mineralisation at the 100%-owned Sconi project may be significantly larger than previously indicated by both the PFS for Sconi and the project’s existing Mineral Resource Statement.As a result, Australian Mines, in collaboration with lead engineering firm Ausenco, are presently re-evaluating the location and layout of the full-scale cobalt-nickel-scandium processing plant, and associated non-processing infrastructure to ensure the final site design enables maximum operational efficiency (and, thus, the lowest possible operating costs for the project) in tandem with optimising the Sconi project’s life-of-mine.The current optimisation process for the Sconi BFS, which is appropriate in light of the additional cobalt and nickel mineralisation within sites earmarked for the processing plant and supporting infrastructure, will necessarily result in a slight adjustment to the proposed BFS timetable. The company now expects to receive the draft version of the report by the end of July 2018, with the final Board-approved version subsequently released to the market in September 2018.This adjusted timing of the BFS is not expected to have any effect on the construction date for the project given that both SK and the financial institutions engaged in negotiations with Australian Mines are imbedded in the current BFS process.Australian Mines’ Managing Director, Benjamin Bell, commented: “Given this operation has the potential to run for several decades once commissioned it is imperative that we invest time at this critical planning stage to ensure the site is set-up to maximise and sustain future production.“The positive news from the review of the sterilisation drilling program, is that the grades intersected were sufficient for us to reassess the plant location and will inevitably be the catalyst for us to reassess the overall footprint of the cobalt and nickel mineralisation.“The results from sterilisation drilling at Sconi, along with the anticipated results from the upcoming resource expansion drill program will provide significant data for us to revisit the existing Mineral Resource estimate and assess potential future conversion of those resources to Ore Reserves.”last_img read more

Coffee shop appeals for tip jar thief to come forward so they

first_imgThe support definitely wasn’t universal, with some commenters saying such a move was encouraging the tip thief.Wow, I can’t believe he did that. I don’t know if giving this guy donations is helping at all. Although your hearts are in the right place , the fact that he drove himself to this ‘coffee shop’ doesn’t scream struggle to me.Another user questioned how he was able to afford a coffee if he was struggling so much.I agree if he can afford a $4 coffee he’s probably not struggling. He’s probably just greedy and apathetic.However, Moses thinks their display of compassion is not just about this one man, saying that while it “definitely started a discourse”, the coffee shop are “trying to show awareness that people are going through hard times”.They’ve collected three boxes so far, with the barista who served the tip thief being one of the first to contribute. If they fail to locate the man, all donations will be sent to the local food bank.These Santas are really not having a good time of it>Santa’s head elf sends letter to Irish kids> stuck his hand straight into the tip jar and took out as much as he could get and walked out like nothing happened.But considering that it’s a time of giving, Moses didn’t assume the worst of the man.We assume that if he was desperate enough to steal tips, he’s probably in desperate times.Along with their sister store in Akron, the company has decided to host a food drive to collect for the unidentified man. A note was posted to their Facebook page, with an appeal to find the ‘bald dude’ that is seen dipping his hand into the tip jar as a barista makes his coffee. No questions will be asked, there will just be food waiting for him.Folks- we figured anyone desperate enough to steal a few bucks from a kid working her way through college, is likely pretty hungry. So we thought we would initiate a canned food drive for him; we’ll begin with a can or two from each employee, and make a box available in each of our shops for your kind contributions. A COFFEE SHOP in Ohio turned a bad deed into a very compassionate one.When a man was caught on surveillance camera stealing money from the barista’s tip jar, the staff of the Nervous Dog Coffee Bar took it a lot better than many would. Instead of calling the police or pressing charges, the shop has announced that they’re hosting a food drive for the man who they presume must be in ‘desperate times’. Manager Scott Moses viewed the surveillance and told WKYC that the manlast_img read more

Long throwin specialist Rory Delap retires from football

first_imgA hard-working player, Delap became renowned for his long-throw ability while playing for Stoke City as manager Tony Pulis used it as a considerably effective gameplan – especially during the 2008/09 season.Credit: TwitterBorn in England, Delap was eligible to play for Ireland and made his senior international debut against the Czech Republic in 1998. However, he never managed to establish himself as a regular in the Ireland squad and earned a total of 11 senior caps. Credit: AKIRA SUEMORI/AP/Press Association ImagesAT THE AGE of 37, Rory Delap has called time on his professional career.The midfielder, who came through the ranks at Carlisle United before going on to represent seven clubs over a 21-year period,  has struggled with injuries since joining Burton Albion in the summer and today announced his retirement.Rory has been a constant professional since he joined the club in the summer,” Burton Albion boss Gary Rowett told the club website.“His attitude and work ethic have been a credit to himself and the invaluable knowledge and experience that he has passed onto the rest of the players here at Burton Albion has been priceless.He has had a fantastic career and we are honoured here at Burton that he has finished his career with us.” Delap on his Ireland debut. Credit: INPHO/Lorraine O’SullivanCheck out this tribute video to those missile-like throws:YouTube credit: CleanTacklesCroatian defender Simunic hit with 10-game ban, will miss World CupGianfranco Zola resigns as Watford bosslast_img read more

Strike4Repeal Irelands prochoice marchers made international headlines

first_imgStrike4Repeal: Ireland’s pro-choice marchers made international headlines BBC, CNN and the Huffington Post were among the outlets to cover it. http://jrnl.ie/3278669 Source: BBC News (World)/Twitter Thursday 9 Mar 2017, 12:55 PM Source: TheJournal.ie/YouTubeA NATIONWIDE PROTEST and strike by pro-choice activists saw thousands of people take to the streets yesterday.An earlier protest on O’Connell Bridge in the centre of Dublin city merged with a further demonstration outside Leinster House yesterday evening.While protests in favour of a liberalisation of Ireland’s strict abortion laws have been happening annually for years, yesterday’s was extra significant as it was designed to cause disruption on a midweek afternoon.It was also significant because it was covered by a significant number of international media outlets which have broadcast the story to an international audience.Here’s how they covered it.CNN Source: CNNAs women around the world wore red in solidarity with International Women’s Day, crowds in Ireland donned black and went on strike to protest against the country’s restrictive abortion laws.Al Jazeera Plus By Rónán Duffy 112 Comments 21,527 Views In Ireland, it’s illegal for women to get an abortion – even in cases of rape, incest and fatal fetal abnormalities.BBC World News Short URLcenter_img In the early 1980s, fearing that it could be legalised via the courts, the country’s Catholic hierarchy pushed for an amendment to be added to the constitution. The Eighth Amendment passed in 1983 and granted a foetus equal right to life as its mother, effectively outlawing abortion in all circumstances.The Huffington Post Source: The Huffington PostIn Ireland, one of the developed world’s last countries with a near-total ban on abortion, reproductive rights activists say hope for change hinges on those determined to break the stigma.Buzzfeed Source: BuzzFeed News/Twitter Mar 9th 2017, 12:55 PM “I was terrified of telling anyone” – the women protesting on #IWD2017 to make abortion legal in Irelandhttps://t.co/9bbxNevUvc pic.twitter.com/zk5WH7n17J— BBC News (World) (@BBCWorld) March 8, 2017 Every day, an estimated 12 women in Ireland travel to England to legally access an abortion, often at a cost of around €1,500, and a further three women purchase illegal abortion medication online.The Independent Source: Indepdendent.co.ukWomen who have abortions in the Republic of Ireland face up to 14 years in prison. This is the case for all pregnancies, including those conceived as a result of rape or incest, or where the foetus cannot survive outside the womb due to a fatal abnormality.Read: Repeal protests attract thousands to the streets of Dublin > “The time has come”: Thousands march to legalize abortion in Ireland https://t.co/Jyi4L53TAA pic.twitter.com/TGMBIjeYfF— BuzzFeed News (@BuzzFeedNews) March 9, 2017 Share994 Tweet Email2 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Peuton cuisiner des frites dans lespace

first_imgPeut-on cuisiner des frites dans l’espace ?Parmi les 100 plats disponibles dans la Station spatiale internationale (ISS), pas une seule frite fraîche. Cela n’arrivera même jamais car selon les scientifiques, il est tout simplement impossible  de réaliser ce mets dans l’espace. Dans l’espace, avec l’absence de gravité, certains problèmes inattendus se posent parfois. On sait que se laver les cheveux est compliqué et que faire bouillir de l’eau est impossible. De même, mieux vaut éviter le pain dont les miettes s’éparpilleraient partout, mais qu’en est-il de la friture ? Il y a peu, un cosmonaute russe a déclaré ce qu’il aimerait le plus manger à bord de la Station spatiale internationale (ISS) était des frites.En effet, malgré les 100 plats dont disposent les habitants de la station, il n’y a pas une trace de frites fraichement préparées. Un oubli ? Non. Dans le numéro à paraître de la revue Food Research International, deux scientifiques de l’université Aristote de Thessalonique en Grèce expliquent qu’il est tout simplement impossible de faire frire des pommes de terre dans l’espace. Tout ceci à cause de la gravité zéro : la convection permettant à la chaleur de se répartir dans la matière est impossible. Or, c’est un principe essentiel pour faire frire des aliments. Sur Terre, dans une friteuse, la chaleur se diffuse dans l’huile grâce aux changements de masse des liquides et aux différentes températures, explique Philip Ball sur BBC Future. Ainsi, “les molécules d’huile situées en bas sont chauffées et remontent (puisqu’elles sont moins denses) tandis que les plus froides, situées en surface, redescendent et sont chauffées à leur tour”, ajoute t-il. Mais avec une gravité zéro, cette convection ne peut pas se faire, empêchant tout le processus de friture de se mettre en place.Pas de frite avec trop de gravité Pour en arriver à cette conclusion, les deux chercheurs ont placé une friteuse dans une centrifugeuse géante au centre de recherche de l’Agence spatiale européenne (ESA) aux Pays-Bas. Mais leur but n’était pas de frire des aliments à une gravité nulle (ce qui est assez difficile sur Terre), ils voulaient plus précisément évaluer les variations de cuisson observées en fonction de la gravité. Pour cela, ils ont donc opté pour des conditions d’hypergravité, autrement dit, avec une gravité bien supérieure à celle présente sur Terre.La centrifugeuse de l’ESA pouvait être réglée sur des gravités allant jusqu’à 9G, soit neuf fois la gravité terrestre. D’après les résultats obtenus, à la puissance de 9G, mieux vaut oublier les frites. Toutefois, il reste possible d’en cuisiner jusqu’à 3G, les problèmes ne commencent qu’à partir de ce stade. En effet, plus la centrifugeuse prend de la vitesse, plus la gravité augmente, plus les bulles d’huile rapetissent. Or, les bulles minuscules permettent une excellente friture avec des frites bien croustillantes.À lire aussiBoisson, météorite et Facebook, les actus sciences que vous devez connaître ce 5 septembre Mais au-delà de 3G les bulles sont trop petites pour cuire la pomme de terre et restent bloquées dessus. Impossible de les séparer. Au final, les astronautes obtiendraient des frites toutes molles, pleines d’huile mais pas dorées avec une croute, soulignent les chercheurs repris par le Daily Mail. Des frites oui mais pas à la friteuse Heureusement, l’ISS est équipée de “fours permettant de réchauffer les aliments à la température désirée”, indique l’Agence spatiale européenne (ESA). Ainsi, les astronautes auront peut-être l’occasion de se cuisiner des frites un de ces jours mais au four, comme tous les Terriens qui ne disposent pas de friteuse. En attendant, le professeur Thodoris Karapantsios, l’un des auteurs de l’étude, engage lui à poursuivre les travaux : “il serait important de savoir si nous pouvons faire frire des aliments sur Mars et la Lune”, souligne t-il.Le 1 janvier 2014 à 10:55 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Killer offers no words as victims family remembers slain South Hill teenager

first_imgTACOMA — Tyler Savage could have said he was sorry. He could have tried to argue, again, how Kimberly Daily’s death was an accident. He could have offered condolences to the Special Olympian’s family.Instead, the 21-year-old convicted murderer went off to a life in prison without uttering a word Friday.Savage didn’t even say, “No,” when Pierce County Superior Court Judge Linda Lee asked whether he wanted to talk. He simply shook his head.It was a departure for Savage, who previously had talked to detectives and a Pierce County jury extensively about the day in August 2010 when he killed Daily.Maybe he kept his silence on the advice of his attorneys, who are preparing an appeal. Maybe he just didn’t have anything to say.His words wouldn’t have changed his sentence. A prison term of life without parole was preordained after a jury in December convicted him of aggravated first-degree murder for killing the 16-year-old girl, whose developmental disabilities left her with the mental capacity of a 10-year-old.last_img read more

Paid Search Spending Spikes in Fourth Quarter 2010

first_imgDownload the full report here. [PDF, register] A recent report on the paid search market from SearchIgnite, a performance marketing technology and services firm, says paid search spending was way up in fourth quarter 2010 when compared to 2009. Marketers increased their spend by 35.5 percent in Q4, says the report, and 18.5 percent for the year.In 2009, half of the year dragged by in the negative single digits, rising slightly in Q3 to flatten out through Q4. In the last three months of 2010, spending ramped up significantly, providing apparent momentum for the first part of 2011. Spending was up 25.4 percent in October 2010, 35.3 percent in November and 44.8 percent in December-which mirrors the holiday push.Results of all that spending were up as well. Clicks in fourth quarter 2010 were up about 20 percent, impressions rose 2 percent and click-throughs jumped almost 18 percent. Meanwhile, Google maintained its dominance in the paid search market, according to the report, increasing its market share from third quarter to fourth quarter by 3 percent, topping out at 82.6 percent by the end of 2010. Bing, on the other hand, only managed 17.4 percent market share in Q4.last_img read more

Did India lose to England on purpose to avoid Pakistan Sarfaraz Ahmed

first_imgThe World Cup went right down to the wire as far as qualification for the semi-finals was concerned. Pakistan, after a jittery start, suddenly erupted to life and bounced back into contention. However, the needed other results to go in their favour and hence, hinged all their hopes on India vs England match. Pakistan wanted India to win, but hosts England came out firing on all cylinders as they downed India.This defeat resonated in Pakistan’s eventual exit and this also led to former players and pundits questioning India’s approach and gamesmanship in the match against England. There were theories that Kohli and co. deliberately lost in order to thwart Pakistan’s chances of qualification.However, Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed has shot down such theories and said that England played well to win the game. MS DhoniICC Twitter”No, no, it is not right to say this. I don’t think India lost because of us. England played well to win,” Sarfaraz told reporters after returning home.’Don’t think we need to be ashamed of anything’ Getty ImagesThe Pakistan skipper also refused to apologise for the performance of his side and said that the team had not performed poorly as was being made out in the media.”I don’t think we need to be ashamed of anything. We had a tough time in the first five matches especially after the defeat to India but I am proud of the way the team fought back to win the last four matches,” Sarfaraz said.He also insisted that there are no plans of giving up captaincy and that he will stay in his post and do his best to take the team to the next level, especially with the World T20 slated to be held in Australia.”The Pakistan Cricket Board will decide on who will be the captain. But personally, since you asked me, I know these players very well now. Most of them are young and if we learn from our mistakes in the World Cup, I can take this team to the next level, especially with the World T20 Cup coming up next year in Australia,” Sarfaraz added.The Pakistan captain said that he was hurt by a few of the comments made post the India loss and that Pakistan had encountered very tough conditions, but the players felt very isolated after the hurtful comments which were flung towards them after they went down to India.”There were some incidents with the players including myself in London which we reported to the Board. They were not needed and it hurt and shook the players. We were upset at losing to India but we didn’t expect such reactions, even though isolated,” the skipper said.last_img read more

Robert Mugabe under house arrest after army seizes power

first_imgPresident Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace Mugabe attend a rally of his ruling ZANU-PF party in Harare. ReutersZimbabwe’s military was in control of the country on Wednesday as President Robert Mugabe said he was under house arrest and his generals denied staging a coup.Mugabe’s decades-long grip on power appeared to be slipping as armoured military vehicles blockaded parliament, soldiers took up positions at strategic points across Harare and senior soldiers commandeered state television to broadcast a late-night address.“The president… and his family are safe and sound and their security is guaranteed,” Major General Sibusiso Moyo said late Tuesday.“We are only targeting criminals around him who are committing crimes… As soon as we have accomplished our mission we expect that the situation will return to normalcy.”Moyo added: “This is not a military takeover of government”.Their shock announcement was later followed by heavy gunfire close to the 93-year-old president’s private residence, and prompted angry responses from around the world.Mugabe later told South African President Jacob Zuma that he was effectively under house arrest—though unharmed. Several supporters of Mugabe and his wife Grace are reportedly in military custody.Pretoria said it would deploy a military and intelligence delegation to Harare to help broker a resolution to the crisis on behalf of southern Africa’s regional bloc.The Southern African Development Community said it would hold an emergency meeting in Botswana on Thursday to discuss the situation.South Africa, the European Union, the United Nations and Britain, Zimbabwe’s former colonial master, all called for restraint.Britain’s foreign minister Boris Johnson warned against handing power “from one unelected tyrant to the next”.Collision courseZimbabwe’s army was set on a collision course with Mugabe last week when the ailing leader abruptly fired his vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa, a lynchpin of the country’s defence and security establishment.Mnangagwa, 75, was previously one of Mugabe’s most loyal lieutenants, having worked alongside him for decades, but he fled to South Africa following his dismissal and published a scathing five-page rebuke of Mugabe’s leadership and Grace’s political ambition.Army chief General Constantino Chiwenga gave an unprecedented press conference on Monday, flanked by dozens of officers, and warned Mugabe that he would intervene if he continued to purge the ruling ZANU-PF party of leaders like Mnangagwa.Mnangagwa has been embroiled in a long-running feud with Mugabe’s wife Grace, 52, that included a bizarre alleged ice cream poisoning incident that laid bare the pair’s rivalry.Both were seen as leading contenders to replace Mugabe when he died or retired, but Mnangagwa had the tacit support of the armed forces which viewed Grace—a political novice—with derision.The ZANU-PF party on Tuesday accused Chiwenga of “treasonable conduct” for appearing to threaten Mugabe with a palace coup.Speculation has been rife in Harare that Mugabe had sought to remove Chiwenga, seen as an ally of Mnangagwa’s.The African Union, in a strongly worded statement, said the crisis “seems like a coup” and called on the military to pull back and respect the constitution.‘Need a fresh start’The military’s actions pose an existential threat to Mugabe’s regime which has ruled Zimbabwe since independence from Britain in 1980.On Wednesday, state television played liberation struggle songs, while many citizens in Harare shopped at markets, drove to work or queued outside banks despite the turmoil.“We want to have food on the table, not one side having everything and others dying of hunger. Mugabe was once a good person but he lost it. Now we need a fresh start,” Keresenzia Moyo, a 65-year-old housewife, told AFP in Harare.“What is good is that this has happened at the top and it is not affecting us people on the ground. People could be killing each other,” she said.Foreign embassies in Harare have told their citizens in the country to stay in doors and avoid political gatherings, warning that security forces could clamp down violently.Security officers at Harare airport deported several foreign journalists as they arrived in the country to report on the situation.Mugabe and his wife have made no public comment and their exact whereabouts are unknown, while government and army spokesmen have been unreachable.“The government’s silence on the military deployments seem to confirm that President Mugabe has lost control of the situation,” said Robert Besseling of the London-based EXX Africa risk consultancy.Mugabe is the world’s oldest head of state, but his poor health and listless public performances fuelled the bitter succession battle between Grace and Mnangagwa.His lengthy rule has been defined by brutal repression of dissent, mass emigration, vote-rigging and financial ruin since land reforms in 2000.As the economy began to fail in the wake of the botched land redistribution, Zimbabwe was engulfed by hyperinflation and was forced to abandon its own currency in 2009 in favour of the US dollar. Unemployment now stands at more than 90 percent.Before the military’s shock intervention, Mugabe had declared his intention to contest presidential polls scheduled for next year.Grace Mugabe vocally pushed for her husband to stand as she became increasingly active in public life in what many see as a process to help her eventually take the top job.“I think the army are in negotiations with Mugabe and Mnangagwa,” Derek Matyszak, an analyst at the Pretoria-based Institute for Security Studies, told AFP.“Mugabe reappoints Mnangagwa as vice president, briefly—Mugabe then retires,” he speculated.last_img read more

Labor Day Weekend One Of The Deadliest Enron CEO Released From Prison

first_img Share What the criminal case against Arkema could mean for other companiesEarlier this month, a Harris County grand jury indicted chemical manufacturer Arkema for the release of toxic chemicals after its plant flooded during Harvey. Harris County prosecutors allege Arkema “recklessly” released those toxic chemicals into the air as fires burned within the facility, allegedly making Crosby residents and first-responders sick.The facility took on six feet of floodwater during the storm, resulting in the failure of the plant’s power generators and causing explosions of those toxic chemicals. Additional sentence for woman convicted of illegal votingA North Texas woman convicted of illegal voting has been sentenced to 10 months in federal prison for violating her parole from a fraud case by casting a ballot.Crystal Mason was sentenced in March to five years in state prison for voting illegally in the 2016 presidential election. When she voted, Mason was on parole from a previous federal fraud charge. State law prohibits voting by a person still serving a sentence for a crime.This week, Mason was convicted in federal court because voting was a violation of her parole. Colorado fracking battle of interest to Texas companiesIn Colorado, voters will soon decide whether to significantly limit oil and gas drilling near homes and businesses, a brewing battle with ramifications for Texas companies and, possibly, the state’s own economy. Naturally, Texas companies have a stake in the outcome. Former Enron CEO released from prisonPat Sullivan/APFormer Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling is escorted from the federal courthouse Friday, June 21, 2013, in Houston after being re-sentenced for his role in the energy giants’ collapse. Skilling was resentenced to 14 years as part of a court-ordered reduction and a separate agreement with prosecutors. The decision brought a protracted legal conclusion to one of the most notorious U.S. financial scandals. Skilling has been in prison since 2006, when he was sentenced to more than 24 years by U.S. District Judge Sim Lake. But an appeals court vacated his prison term in 2009, ruling that a sentencing guideline was improperly applied. That meant a reduction of as much as nine years. (AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)Former Enron executive Jeffrey Skilling has been released from prison. Skilling has been sent to a halfway house in Texas, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.Skilling was Enron’s CEO and was convicted of multiple counts of fraud and insider trading in connection with the collapse of the Houston-based energy giant. Labor Day weekend has become one of the deadliestAccording to figures from the Texas Department of Transportation that go back to 2013, about 40 people on average are killed in crashes around the state over the Labor Day weekend. Authorities say drunk driving is a big problem, but speed and distraction are also factors. Local School Districts Top List of Clients for Alternative Special Ed SchoolsLast school year, more than three dozen school districts in Greater Houston contracted with the Harris County Department of Education for special ed services, from Galveston to Magnolia.The biggest client was the Alief Independent School District. It spent over $1 million on seats at one of the county agency’s alternative schools. That’s according to public records obtained by News 88.7.last_img read more