26 billionyearold water found hidden below Canada could mean water and life

first_imgAt a mine near Timmins, Ontario, a research team found water hiding 1.5 miles deep below the surface, in what is the oldest part of North America’s crust, the Canadian Shield. The water is estimated to be around 2.64 billion years old, which would give scientists a glimpse into the climate of Earth’s past.The site at which the water was found is largely untouched by factors that would have tampered with the preservation of the water, such as seismic activity or standard erosion. Since the water wasn’t exposed to air while it was kept inside its sedimentary tomb, this means that the water contains gasses from the time period at which it was last exposed to air, thus providing researchers with a look at an ancient Earth climate.Rather than just teaching us about a past climate, the type of ground in which the water was found and the way in which the water was preserved, are similar to the way water could be trapped underneath the surface of Mars. This means it’s possible that Mars has hidden reservoirs of water trapped below tectonically stable terrain, and you know what every scientist likes to propose could possibly exist when discussing water on an alien planet.The scientists also noted that the water at the Timmins site was found to have as much hydrogen gas as the water found in areas with hydrothermal vents, which in turn are responsible for creating unique ecosystems in harsh, strange environments. So, you can bet scientists will use that nugget to nudge their proposal of potential alien life trapped below the surface of Mars.last_img

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