Samsung Galaxy Core revealed as revamped Galaxy S2

first_imgThe Samsung Galaxy has expanded yet again, but the company’s latest offering isn’t a variation of the brand new Galaxy S4. No, the Galaxy Core looks more like something Samsung coaxed out of retirement: one of the hottest Android phones of 2011, the Galaxy S2.Hardware similarities abound. Like the GS2, the Galaxy Core is powered by a dual-core processor. Samsung’s press release doesn’t specify whether it stuck with an Exynos chip or turned to another vendor for the reissue. There’s also 1GB of RAM on board and the Core runs on HSPA and GSM networks, just like the I9100 GS2.One surprising non-change is the Galaxy Core’s display. It’s 4.3-inch 800×480 pixel affair, and is really the one part that Samsung would have done well to bump up to something a bit more up-to-date.What else hasn’t changed? Dimensions and weight. The Galaxy Core is nearly identical in size, though it’s slightly thicker and weighs just a few grams more than the venerable Galaxy S2.One the plus side, Samsung is shipping a fairly up-to-date Android 4.1 on the Galaxy Core. The monkey’s paw is that base storage has been slashed in half (to 8GB) and a lot of that space is going to be eaten up by TouchWiz and Samsung’s usual truckload of “value-added” software.Samsung also revealed that the Galaxy Core will be available in single and dual-sim configurations, but no pricing has been revealed as of yet. You can still buy the GS2 online for around $300, and it’s hard to imagine Samsung trying to sell the Galaxy Core for much more.There’s nothing wrong with dusting off the guts of an older phone and snapping a case with a newer design around it. Plenty of folks shopping for a smartphone aren’t looking for the latest and greatest, after all. Just look at how well the iPhone 4 and 4S continue to sell.last_img

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