Amazon is reportedly selling stolen iPhones

first_imgIf you got that shiny new iPhone 5 with the extra row of icon space at the cost of a little bit of pocket space, you may not want to wave it around in public just yet, as you might be brandishing evidence to a crime. Twitter user Ben Dreyfuss bought his mom a refurbished iPhone from Amazon for Christmas, and when they called Verizon to activate it, Verizon support informed the pair that the phone was stolen.Dreyfuss said he purchased the phone through one of Amazon’s refurbished warehouse deals — generally a decent route to cheaper prices considering Amazon’s positive reputation. Dreyfuss says the Verizon representative didn’t quite believe the phone was purchased through Amazon, and questioned if Dreyfuss actually bought the phone through eBay. Amazon was reportedly quite apologetic about the ordeal, though there was nothing they could do other than have the Dreyfuss family return the phone and order a new one that hopefully wasn’t stolen.Fortunately, Dreyfuss has an understanding mom, and she wasn’t offended that her son (unknowingly) bought her a stolen phone for the holidays.The Dreyfuss family shouldn’t have to worry much, as Amazon has a reputation for offering excellent customer service — this blogger once got a brand new 32-inch LG HDTV for free because the first two Amazon sent had pretty glaring color banding issues.If you end up in a similar situation, simply contact Amazon through their Contact Us page, fill out the short form, and choose a method of inquiry.Twitter, via Gizmodolast_img

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