BlackBerry 10 really definitely launching on January 30

first_imgA recent security clearance win for BlackBerry 10 from the U.S. government was a bit of good news for RIM, and today there’s some good news for the company’s remaining fans. CEO Thorstein Heins has made it official: BlackBerry 10 is really going to launch on January 30, 2013.It would have been nice to see BlackBerry 10 arriving before the holiday shopping rush, since millions will likely be purchasing new devices before the clock runs out on 2012. Still, it’s good to see that Heins has set a definite date and that RIM isn’t going to put the brakes on again — there have already been more than enough delays leading up to this launch.The question that now remains is whether or not BlackBerry 10 will be too little, too late. RIM acquired QNX, whose software BlackBerry 10 is based upon, back in April of 2010. Just a year later at CTIA, the company announced the first Wi-Fi only BlackBerry PlayBook. Now, almost two years after that, RIM’s QNX-based OS is finally heading to smartphones.During that time span, RIM has taken a beating both in terms of market share and consumer perception. Its devices have gone from being the way to interact (thanks to BBM) to being second-class citizens, overshadowed by the likes of the iPhone and Galaxy S3. But Heins has promised big things, and he’s all too well aware just how much is riding on the launch of BlackBerry 10. The Canadian company was a leading innovator for years, and Heins clearly believes there’s still plenty left in the tank.Come January 30th, we’ll see just how true that is.via Inside BlackBerrylast_img

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