HTC working on Windows Phone 7 handset with 16MP camera

first_imgWe’ve said it before and doubtless we’ll say it again, but it bares repeating: megapixels are not an accurate determination of a camera’s image quality. Now that consumer digicams have boasted an absurd amount of megapixels for a few years, it seems that consumers are finally starting to realize that there’s no real correlation between megapixels and image quality anymore, and that other things like aperture, shutter speed and sensor type — while not broadcast in a huge font on the front of the box — are more important to taking good snapshots.When it comes to smartphones, though, the number of megapixels a handset has still holds a lot of consumer sway. The iPhone 4 has a 5MP camera, and some Samsung phones have 8MP camera sensors, but now HTC is looking to double that: they’ve apparently got a 16MP cameraphone in the works.AdChoices广告According to the advert you see below, the 16MP cameraphone resembles the Desire S we all saw at February’s Mobile World Congress, only running Windows Phone 7 instead of Android.Granted, we haven’t seen the phone, and we certainly haven’t seen any images shot with it, but HTC seems misguided trying to pack this number of megapixels into a sensor as small as a smartphone camera needs to be. Smartphone cameras can’t really boast advanced optics, so it all boils down to the sensor being as light-sensitive as possible… but since there’s a maximum size a smartphone sensor can be, packing more pixels onto a sensor that small just makes each pixel less light sensitive.The end result? You might have 16 megapixels in an image taken with HTC’s phone, but each pixel is far more likely to be noise than if you took that same shot with an 8MP or 5MP camera.The bottom line is that for non-professionals, you’re getting diminishing returns on anything over 8 megapixels, no matter what camera you’re using. On a smartphone, though, 16 megapixels means less quality, not more quality. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should, HTC.Read more at Pocket Nowlast_img

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