iPhone 5 4G Could fall release mean LTE

first_imgThere have been a lot of rumors floating around the web that the iPhone 5 release would be delayed until fall. Apple has had a pattern of releasing new iPhone hardware in the summer during its World Wide Developers Conference, but according to a release from Apple earlier this week, only new versions of Mac OS and iOS will be introduced this year (not that they’d spoil the iPhone 5 in the invite).So what’s up with the delay? Macotakara, a Mac blog in Japan, reports Apple hasn’t ordered components for the next-gen iPhone. Because of that, the iPhone 5 could be planned for Apple’s 2012 fiscal year, which starts on September 25. It’s likely that Apple could release the phone in October or November so the company doesn’t miss the big holiday season sales. From what we’ve seen around the web, a fall release is imminent. But, Apple has fooled us in the past, and the company has been known to quickly change its plans at times.The delay may be worth the wait, though. A fall release seems awfully suspicious and leads us to believe we may be seeing a 4G iPhone. LTE is being introduced to more and more phones, and many Android devices with LTE capabilities are expected this fall. So, autumn would be the perfect time to jump into the LTE game and not get left in the dust, which has never been Apple’s way of doing things.That being said, the company has been weary of quickly adopting new technologies in the past. Take the original iPhone for example. The first edition was launched with EDGE while other phones out at the time had 3G.Again, take all of this with a grain of salt because Apple keeps its secrets tightly locked up, and this is all just speculation. With that, Apple has said it will release a white iPhone this spring, so you’ll have that to hold you over until the iPhone 5 comes out.More at Mackotakaralast_img

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