UK scientists working to make Doctor Whos Sonic Screwdriver real

first_imgAs much as I have been a fan of the British science-fiction television series Doctor Who, I also wished I owned a sonic screwdriver. There’s no telling how useful that could have been in my earlier life with all the electronic projects I used to work on. But a sonic screwdriver is just the stuff of myth and television fantasy, right? Not so.Scientists at Bristol University are researching sonic technology that could one day be used just like the Doctor’s favorite tool by utilizing sound waves that can be used like a real screwdriver. Bruce Drinkwater who is a Professor of Ultrasonics at Bristol explains.AdChoices广告Doctor Who is renowned for bending the rules of science. But technology has radically moved on since the Doc first stepped out of his Tardis in the sixties. Whilst a fully functioning time machine may still be light years away, engineers are already experimenting with ultrasonic waves to move and manipulate small objects. Apparently it works by using ultrasonic waves that are way above a human’s range of hearing. These powerful waves could be spun or otherwise manipulated to apply force to a particular item, which in turn would cause the affected item to rotate.But while it could be decades before we all start keeping sonic screwdrivers in our pockets or toolboxes, as a sci-fi geek it is satisfying to know that there are scientists out there that are working to turn science-fiction into science-fact.Read more at Bristol University, via Cosmic Loglast_img

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