Immunization Dont let the flu bug you

With flu season looming, Brock Health, Safety and Wellness (HSW) is encouraging faculty, staff and students to educate themselves on how to stay healthy.As colder temperatures roll in and humidity levels are reduced, an optimal environment is created for the influenza virus to flourish. The biggest step people can take to protect themselves and others is to get a free flu shot available locally.Last year, HSW partnered with Brock nursing students to develop an informative influenza video to increase awareness regarding immunizations and to provide helpful tips.The Brock community can also visit the Niagara Region Public Health website for useful information about how the flu shot works and where locally they are available.While the suggested resources are intended to educate and increase awareness, the decision to get the flu shot is ultimately an individual decision. Consultation with a health professional, a walk-in clinic or a pharmacist is recommended. Educate yourself, family and friends on how to stay healthy this flu season. Don’t let the flu sneak up on you.

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