Moroccan University Exam Places God at Top of Political System Sparking

Rabat – A question in a test at a Moroccan university has stirred controversy on social media for placing God at the top of the kingdom’s political system.Critics accused the exam, held at the Hassan II University in Settat, of reproducing notions of theocratic rule and feeding them to young students.“At the top of Moroccan political hierarchy we find Allah almighty, then there is the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessing be upon him, and there is in the third place the Prophet’s grandson,” said the exam, referring to the king as the third person since he is a descendent of the prophet. “If God is one with partners and his one-ness is manifested in everyone’s belief and consciousness, the presence of the Prophet peace be upon is manifested through his deputy on earth who holds all the powers,” added the test.A picture of the exam paper was widely shared on social media in Morocco and beyond, with several media outlets, some in countries like Tunisia, Egypt, and Yemen, reporting about it.The exam added to the controversy by another question about the Rif protests.“The Moroccan constitution of 2011 brought several guarantees and rights to safeguard liberties including the right to peaceful protest. Is the Hirak in the city of Al Hoceima is a practice of a constitutional right or a civil disobedience?”The professor who gave the exam, Mohammed Khamrich, was slammed by several social media users.“Unfortunately, professors like this one are the ones who ruined Moroccan universities,” wrote a Fecbook user.“The professor who put that question doesn’t himself know a damn thing about that question,” wrote another.On Wednesday, the Moroccan daily Akhbar Al Yaoum reported that Khamrich had expressed his surprise at the controversy, stating that the exam was given two months ago.He said the question was intended to stimulate the students’ thinking and curtail “cheating” among students.

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