ISIS Executes Two Alleged Gays Two Thieves Woman Charged For Adultery

Marrakech – The so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has posted graphic photographs showing the brutal execution of four men and one woman on charges of homosexuality, theft, and infidelity to Islam.Photographs posted on the ISIS website show two allegedly homosexual men in Iraq being thrown off a tall building as a large crowd of onlookers watches their bodies plummet and shatter as they hit the ground.The two men are seen with blindfolds at the top of a building being held by two ISIS members before being thrown off the building, after having been “convicted” of being homosexual. The “sentence” was imposed under a provision of the law that requires “execution of prescribed penalties against all those who commit an act against Lot’s nation,” according to the ISIS website. Beside the pictures is the following commentary by the ISIS official website managers: “Execution of the legitimate verdict on those who have committed the Great Corruption.”Another photograph posted on ISIS’s official website shows two men being crucified on charges of being thieves.An ISIS member reads the charges against the two alleged thieves out loud before they are then shot by other ISIS militants in the head.ISIS also published a photo showing a woman draped in an all-black niqab standing in front of an ISIS member, about to be stoned to death on an accusation of infidelity.Since ISIS proclaimed itself the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, it has committed numerous crimes and human rights abuses which have been condemned by the world, precipitating a military response against the self-proclaimed state by several countries including the United States and Morocco.

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