5 Killer Autumn Grilling Tips

first_imgGrilling isn’t just for the warm summer months. In fact, autumn can be an ideal time of the year to grill. Hel-lo tailgating parties!  But if you’re anything like us, we don’t know where to begin with how to grill when the weather gets cooler. But luckily we know someone who does. We got in touch with Mike Bertelsen, the founder and president of Cowboy Cauldron Company, the maker of some awesome grills and fire pits, to tell us how to do it right so that you can have tasty steak, juicy ribs, goat and more during the fall. 1. Don’t Turn It!!Seriously. Most people who cook on grills can’t seem to let things stay in one place. They are constantly turning food over and over and over. You have to let things being cooked over fire stay long enough to really brown. This does not mean gray! It means brown. Dark brown. Maybe even black where the metal of the grill touches. Doing this lets the chemistry of cooking work for you. Resist temptation and let things cook.  South America’s most famous chef, Francis Malmann, is the world’s foremost authority on open fire cooking. His main culinary thesis is that at least one thing on any plate should be burnt. Learn from the master.2. Serve Something Local, or Something Exotic.Don’t get caught up in thinking that only protein gets grill treatment. Something as simple as a full head of local romaine or butter lettuce, cut in half and grilled face down, will blow people away. Drizzle with a touch of olive oil and serve with a bare shaving of Parmesan cheese. And be sure to mix it up. Everybody has had steaks, dogs, & burgers. Not so with goat. Or sheep. Or octopus. Push your culinary boundaries. There is so much good food out there – you and your guests should eat some of it.3. Get Your Guests Involved!Serve kabobs or something similar where the guest gets to assemble and cook his/her own entrée. It gets everyone together around the fire – (preferably a Cowboy Cauldron) and sets dinner off with everyone already together, without being called to the table, which can be a bit stuffy for summer. It also lets everyone feel like they contributed to the effort, which makes everyone feel like they are on the same team – YOUR team.4. Take It to the Streets, (or the Beach, or Somewhere Else Interesting).Fire shouldn’t be thought of as static. It can be moved around easily. And it draws a huge amount of attention. Rather than another backyard event, go somewhere cool and set up. Your guests will feel like they are the coolest of the cool when throngs of passersby look enviously upon them – AT YOUR PARTY!! 5. Oil It Up! (Afterwards)Most grillers put oil on things before they put them on the grill. Big mistake. When grilling, you generally want your food to get the benefit of serious heat, which will flame up if there is oil present. Burning oil can give off-flavors to your creation. This is especially true of veggies. Cook them hard and fast, pull them off the heat, put them into a bowl, and only then toss them with oil. This also applies to finish treatments, like lemon juice. You will have all the flavor of the grill, plus the fine enhancements that you want, with none of the flare-ups or bad tastes.For more information, visit cowboycauldron.com. Editors’ Recommendations The Best Food Shows on Netflix to Binge Right Now The Peached Tortilla’s Fried Rice Recipe Is Just Plain Delicious Stirred or Shaken? How to Make a Perfect Vodka Martini The Complete Guide for Learning How to Mow a Lawn How to Put Out a Fire Without Hurting Yourself in the Process last_img

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