first_img“You have to send your coaches to Europe to learn and “You have to send your coaches to Europe to learn and you also have to spend money to bring coaches from outside to teach the coaches here. If you are prepared and willing to spend money for this reason, you will improve. I am sure you can become a very important football nation,” said Breitner. “You have the (Indian) Super League now. You still need 15-20 years to build club teams and teach kids to become stars. You need to get your own stars. Take your time,” Breitner advised. According to the former German star, two of the biggest changes that have taken place in football over the last decade is that it has become a big money-spinner and is played at breakneck speed. “Football generally has changed in the last 10-12 years, from a normal to high speed football. Sometimes its very difficult to follow and see everything that happens on the pitch. “I see this in the game played by the youngsters. They see television, watch (big clubs) Barcelona Bayern, Munich, Real Madrid (etcetera) and realise that to become successful and great players they need to work on their technique and on their speed. “Football has become a big part of the entertainment business. Footballers are like actors, singers, they entertain the people. You cannot compare it to our generation, like you cannot compare the shoes of 1970s and 1980s to the current ones,” he said. Breitner, who played for top Spanish club Real Madrid for four years after winning the World Cup, took a dig at the hugely popular English Premier League, saying it has stopped improving over the last few years and was a few rungs below his countrys Bundesliga and the Spanish Liga in quality. “I tell you the no. 1 is Bundesliga and the Spanish League and then there is nothing (gap) and then comes Premier League and then comes the Italian league. Premier League made the mistake of stopping to improve constantly 5-6 years ago. “They spent a lot of money to buy many good players and thought it is enough to become better and better. They thought we have the best players and we dont need to improve. Look at the Champions League, where are their teams over the last 2-3 years. Nowhere,” he declared. (MORE) PTI SSR ARS PM PM PTPadvertisementlast_img

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