Real Sociedad still wants to try to play at the open door

first_imgLa Real at all times has wanted to play the final open door, prioritized that option, and it is something that it still maintains; but at the same time understands that it is increasingly difficult to play it with the public in the standsIt is a possibility that as time passes and different circumstances arise, it is increasingly difficult to carry out. By pressure from UEFA itself for European federations to end their domestic competitions on time, before the next season is launched, with regulations that clubs are expected to comply with as much as possible. And on the other hand because, although at the Real they are for the work of collaborating in delaying the final as long as possible to ensure that there is an audience in the stands, nobody and nothing can assure that by playing the final in March or April of next year, in 2021; go play outside. It is possible that they may then also be required to play behind closed doors. Throughout the day, the Royal Society has chosen a prudent silence, acknowledging that his point of view has already made it clear, and waiting for Athletic to also publicly position itself in this matter. The San Sebastian club has preferred not to issue a statement, expects events in the coming days and insists that of course it wants fans to be in the stands in the final. You have to remember that of the two clubs, the San Sebastian team is the least affected by the firm decision of UEFA to undo the change of a norm that has prevailed in recent years in Spanish football and that the Federation has tried to carry out. The people of San Sebastian are fourth and if the League will end now, without contesting the rest of the season, it would qualify to play the Champions League. But it is that although the games will resume, the realists take eight points to the eighth classified, so they have serious options to secure a European place via the League.The Real wait to talk with the Federation and Athletic itself to know all the positions; Because he understands that the federative entity will also have to take part in the matter. It is not normal that until now he has been managing the Cup final according to his interests in a logical way, being in contact with the finalist clubs; and when the moment of truth arrives to make the final decision on whether to play the final open or closed, leave only the ‘problem’ to the teams and do not participate in the decision-making. It is true that the Federation has gone hand in hand with Real and Athletic when it comes to trying a final with the publicBut perhaps he is facing his moment of backing down from the pressing pressure from UEFA to remove the European Cup champion award if he does not play it before August, setting a dangerous precedent. What does seem to be clearer The Real thing is that, in the event that the final is played behind closed doors, it would make little sense to travel to Seville to two clubs that are in the other part of the country. In that case, in the Donostia club he would advocate changing headquarters and having a dispute in a field in the Basque Country, such as Mendizorroza, whose field has already been offered by the Mayor of Vitoria-Gazteiz, provided that this is done while respecting the agreements that the Federation may have with the Andalusian Government, the Seville City Council and other sponsors. The UEFA ultimatum on the Copa del Rey final would not alter At first the Society’s stance of trying to explore all options that it can be disputed open door. That has been its sole intention since the state of alarm due to the coronavirus health crisis prevented its celebration on its official date, April 18, and had to be postponed. Since then, the San Sebastian team has advocated delaying it in the calendar as much as possible by the different regulations, thinking of its followers, in order to ensure that an event that in Saint Sebastian they have been waiting for 32 years, with the presence in the stands of The Charterhouse of her fans, who are anxious, excited and excited about this event.last_img

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