Doctors fear serious injury if Premier resumes

first_imgDoctors warn that such a calendar would bring serious consequences for the health of the players, who would risk more frequent injuries, being the hamstrings and the English the weakest points in this case. The fatigue It is also an aspect to take into account and all this fatigue, together with the discomfort, could be carried by the players until the following campaign. We must not forget that they will be almost two months inactive due to the closure.As if that were not enough, they give the example of Marcus Rashford (Manchester United) and Harry Kane (Tottenham). The strikers of the English team are seriously injured and face the final stretch of their respective recoveries, so they have little left to return, but They will have a difficult time playing every two or three days without exposing themselves to a relapse. For footballers who continue to stand in the Champions League, the Europa League wave FA Cup it will be even harder. The Premier League stopped before the last nine days were played (ten in some cases) due to the coronavirus pandemic. The main idea is to resume the competition from May 1, the date on which they initially estimate that the quarantine ends in United Kingdom. However, there are many doubts that this date will be maintained and will not be extended.In Daily Mail explain that there is a widespread belief that the tournament will resume in late May or early June, which would make the schedule tighten, bearing in mind that they must finish before June 30. This would imply having to play two or three games per week, something that Premier League doctors fear.last_img

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