Turkey was considered as host of the European Championship due to the coronavirus

first_imgCollapsed calendar. The pandemic has carried the international calendar ahead. The postponements have come in a chain and there are no dates to recover the pulse of the championships without touching the big international tournaments. That is why most of the 55 federations of the UEFA agree that it is best to postpone the Eurocup one year, and play the national team tournament in the summer of 2021. If this option is finally taken, it is most likely that the America Cup (which is scheduled to take place in Argentina Y Colombia from June 12 to July 12) also go to 2021. It is the lesser evil in a situation of force majeure. But if national championships and continental tournaments are postponed throughout Europe, the one-year postponement of the Euro and the Copa América is the most voted solution according to the poll of the UEFA. World Qualifiers. The South American Confederation has asked the FIFA that, also as a consequence of the pandemic, it allows a postponement of the South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup that must be played at the end of the month. The coronavirus, although with much lower incidence than in Europe, has also reached South America. But there is fear that the avalanche of South American players who are active in European teams will make the problem bigger. At the moment, only two countries of which they will dispute the South American qualifiers have not reported cases of COVID-19: Uruguay and Venezuela. The FIFA You have already authorized the postponement. Another calendar that becomes a ball.Eurocup rivals. At the moment the Eurocopa still stands. Surely for a short time. But until his postponement to 2021 is confirmed on Tuesday, Four selections are still missing to close the final table. They will leave the European qualifiers that must be played on March 26 and 31. At the moment one of them, the one to play Ireland Y Slovakia, has already been set behind closed doors.Turkey is offered. In a last attempt to save the tournament, Turkey (with less than ten coronavirus cases) has been offered to UEFA to organize the Eurocup. Ceferin maintains a great relationship with the Turkish President, Erdogan. But the advance of the pandemic forces the postponement of the tournament.last_img

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