FIFA, on guard with Thebes for opposing the Supermundial

first_imgJavier Tebas has opened a new front. This time against FIFA. The president of LaLiga has manifested “openly against” the new Club Supermundial whose first edition will be held in China in June 2021 with the participation of the 24 best teams in the world. “Until now FIFA was a regulator and a football legislator whose entry into competitions was limited to the National Teams, but with the new Supermundial collides with the interests of the clubs and alters the ecosystem“the Aragonese manager said in London. These statements have sat down badly at FIFA and surprised Infantino, who worked as a fellow in the organization now chaired by Javier Tebas.Faced with this frontal opposition to the Club Supermundial, FIFA has guaranteed Real Madrid’s support for the project. Gianni Infantino spoke with Florentino Pérez and secured the participation of the white team in the first edition of the new Supermundial, a tournament that will leave revenues for almost one billion in just three weeks and that would be played on the dates that until now occupied the Confederations Cup, in theory every four years although FIFA has never ruled out to dispute it every two seasons as Tebas suspects that describes the project as “direct competition for clubs”. In this mess, just as Infantino has sought the support of Florentino, Thebes has also found allies. In his case the UEFA president, Ceferin, who sees in the Club Supermundial a direct competition to the Champions League. The new competition would take place between June 17 and July 4, 2021 and the Champions and Europa League champions of the last four seasons (eight teams) would participate. South America would contribute six teams; while Africa, Asia and CONCACAF would have three each for a representative from Oceania. If the same team is champion more than once during the four years of each period, it would replace the next classified in the ranking of each continental confederation (UEFA, CAF, CAF, OFC, CONMEBOL and CONCACAF). It would be played in a format with eight groups of three teams in which the eight winners would go to the quarterfinals. Spain has already won the right to participate in Real Madrid and Atlético, but not yet Barcelona.last_img

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