Today’s MLB DFS Picks: Advice, strategy for Thursday’s DraftKings, FanDuel daily fantasy baseball contests

first_imgSSF. Tatis Jr. (R)[email protected] 9:40Z. Godley (R)$4000$3300$21UPGRADE SPA. Sanchez (R)[email protected] 7:10N. Eovaldi (R)$6500$7600$31UPGRADE OFK. Pillar (R)[email protected] 9:45J. Gray (R)$3400$2600$9UPGRADE SPN. Eovaldi (R)[email protected] 7:10A. Sanchez (R)$8600$6800$33UPGRADE OFM. Conforto (L)[email protected] 7:20K. Gausman (R)$4700$4000$25UPGRADE MORE: Thursday’s Betting Picks | Fantasy Alarm PRO toolsToday’s MLB DFS Picks: DraftKings, FanDuel advice for Thursday, April 11                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Pos PlayerLineupMatchupOpp. SPDKFDY!AnalysisSPJ. Musgrove (R)[email protected] 8:05J. Quintana (L)$9000$9000$45UPGRADE 1BW. Myers (R)[email protected] 9:40Z. Godley (R)$4600$3200$20UPGRADE OFB. Nimmo (L)[email protected] 7:20K. Gausman (R)$3800$2700$11UPGRADE OFK. Marte (B)[email protected] 9:40P. Avila (R)$4400$3600$20UPGRADE 3BB. Drury (R)[email protected] 7:10N. Eovaldi (R)$3000$2200$7UPGRADE 1BP. Alonso (R)[email protected] 7:20K. Gausman (R)$4800$4100$25UPGRADE SSD. Swanson (R)[email protected] 7:20S. Matz (L)$4200$4100$19UPGRADE 1BF. Freeman (L)[email protected] 7:20S. Matz (L)$4900$4300$22UPGRADE 2BO. Albies (B)[email protected] 7:20S. Matz (L)$4500$3400$18UPGRADE 3BJ. McNeil (L)[email protected] 7:20K. Gausman (R)$4200$3100$18UPGRADE OFR. Acuña Jr. (R)[email protected] 7:20S. Matz (L)$5000$4200$23UPGRADE 2BK. Newman (R)[email protected] 8:05J. Quintana (L)$2900$2000$7UPGRADEcenter_img OFJ. Dyson (L)[email protected] 9:40P. Avila (R)$4300$2700$12UPGRADE SST. Story (R)[email protected] 9:45J. Samardzija (R)$4500$3800$21UPGRADE 2BA. Frazier (L)[email protected] 8:05J. Quintana (L)$3700$3200$16UPGRADE For more player recommendations and analysis, become a Fantasy Alarm subscriber today! 3BM. Machado (R)[email protected] 9:40Z. Godley (R)$4400$3900$23UPGRADE Editor’s Note: This is a FREE preview of Fantasy Alarm’s MLB DFS Playbook. For full analysis every day and more ways to dominate your daily fantasy baseball competition, check out DFS site-specific advice and the rest of Fantasy Alarm’s great season-long and DFS tools available to subscribers. CT. Flowers (R)[email protected] 7:20S. Matz (L)$3500$3100$15UPGRADE 1BB. McKinney (L)[email protected] 7:10N. Eovaldi (R)$3400$2300$8UPGRADE CW. Ramos (R)[email protected] 7:20K. Gausman (R)$3900$2600$14UPGRADE CF. Cervelli (R)[email protected] 8:05J. Quintana (L)$3200$2500$10UPGRADE OFD. Peralta (L)[email protected] 9:40P. Avila (R)$4300$3700$21UPGRADE 2BB. Zobrist (B)[email protected] 8:05J. Musgrove (R)$3700$2900$15UPGRADE With five day games and five evening games on Thursday, the main MLB DFS slate is a little thin tonight, but there are still some studs and sleepers to target in DraftKings and FanDuel contests. Between the cooler weather and lack of favorable hitters parks, there aren’t ‘a lot of obvious spots to attack, but that just means you’ll have to take some chances with your daily fantasy baseball picks.Watch ChangeUp, a new MLB live whip-around show on DAZN OFJ. Martinez (R)[email protected] 7:10A. Sanchez (R)$5200$4600$25UPGRADE SPJ. Samardzija (R)[email protected] 9:45J. Gray (R)$7500$5900$29UPGRADElast_img

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