Korean delegation to aborted ‘RUN’ event leaves Iloilo

first_imgThe family eventually decided to leavethe city, said Fortuna. ILOILO City – Nineteen Koreannationals left this southern city after the religious gathering they weresupposed to attend was cancelled by the city government due to concerns overthe possible spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The event was the “RUN for Jesus2020”, a Feb. 27 praise and worship open air convention initially set at thefootball pitch of the La Paz district plaza. The five other Koreans left the cityvia the Iloilo Airport in Cabatuan, Iloilo. Fortuna did not say where they wereheaded. There were no flights from Iloilo to any point in South Korea. The Koreans were tracked down to ahotel in Mandurriao district on Wednesday afternoon. Yesterday morning, 14 ofthem left the city for Kalibo, Aklan where they would be boarding a plane backto South Korea. *Wash hands – soap or hand gel can kill the virus “RUN for Jesus 2020” was expected togather between 20,000 to 30,000 participants. It was, however, cancelled by thecity government as part of precautionary measures against COVID-19  after learning that some delegations would becoming from the South Korean city of Daegu, epicenter of the virus outbreak inthat country. *Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth – if hands touch a surface contaminated bythe virus, this could transfer it into the body The COVID-19 infection seems to startwith a fever, followed by a dry cough, according to a British Broadcasting Co.report. *Cover mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing – ideally with a tissue – andwash hands afterwards, to prevent the virus spreading After a week, it leads to shortness ofbreath and some patients require hospital treatment. SouthKorea has the largest number of confirmed cases outside China (over 1,200infections and 12 dead as of Feb. 26). The biggest virus clusters have beenlinked to a hospital and a religious group near the south-eastern city of Daegu./PNcenter_img TheWHO suggests the following to avoid contracting COVID-19 or spreading it: Fortuna said family members were toldto self-quarantine “and they understood man.” According to Fortuna, a team from theCity Health Office and Bureau of Immigration checked the Koreans on Wednesdayafternoon and found them to be in good health. But some researchers say it may be aslong as 24 days. And Chinese scientists say some people may be infectious evenbefore their symptoms appear. “Waaynadayun ang event so nag-decide na lang sila ngamapuli,” said Dr. Ronald Jay Fortuna, city government’s focal person onCOVID-19. *Don’t get too close to people coughing, sneezing or with a fever – they canpropel small droplets containing the virus into the air – ideally, keep onemeter (three feet) away The incubation period – betweeninfection and showing any symptoms – lasts up to 14 days, according to theWorld Health Organization (WHO). Aside from the 19 “RUN for Jesus 2020”South Koran delegates, the City Health Office was also able to track down a12-member South Korean family who arrived here on Wednesday as tourists. The jump in the number of casesoutside China – where COVID-19 originated – raised fears the virus outbreakcould become a pandemic (when an infectious disease spreads easily from personto person in many parts of the world). Fortuna said the 19 Koreans show nosymptoms of COVID-19.last_img

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