Get to know your city and be ambassadors of Croatian tourism

first_imgThe Zagreb Tourist Board is giving away free city tours in the Croatian language to all citizens.Starting from September 2 until October 30, all those interested will have the opportunity to learn more about their Zagreb. Departures are scheduled for Saturday at 16:00 and 17:00 in front of the Tourist Information Center on Ban Jelačić Square. The educational tour of the city accompanied by a tourist guide will last two hours, each participant receives a gingerbread heart while the tours are divided into three different tours:Zagrebarium – a costumed tour of the city that calls for a strange Zagreb from the end of the 19th century. Traces of that time are sought in today’s Zagreb, along with stories about the rapid development of the city, Croatian inventors and the alchemy of our city. Start at 16:00.Green Zagreb – on the occasion of marking the International Year of Sustainable Tourism, this tour allows everyone to get to know and enjoy the beautiful oases of the Green Horseshoe of the city. Start at 16:00.Regular city tour – tour of the most famous attractions. Start at 17:00 p.m.”All those interested can apply only on Fridays for the next day (Saturday) on the phone number 099 21 99 987, it is mandatory to indicate for which tour they are applying. Please note that the number is active from 9 a.m. until the group is full. ” stand out from the Zagreb Tourist Board.Get to know your city and be ambassadors of Croatian tourismA great tourist story and a very important segment in the mosaic of our tourism that we have absolutely neglected. The city is the people, so the local people are tourism and the best ambassadors of Croatian tourism. The locals give rhythm and pulse to the destination, and guests want to get to know us and our culture of living, customs, our stories… because that is the very essence of tourism.Did you know that the Zagreb funicular is the shortest cable railway in the world intended for public transport! Great story and experience, right? Take a funicular ride with your guests and tell them the story of the cityAn ambassador of Croatian tourism is a person who is proud of our country, history, customs, culture, heritage, successes – proud to be a Croat. An ambassador of Croatian tourism is a person who promotes his tradition and his region, who respects himself, because if we do not respect ourselves, others will not respect us either. Anyone can be an ambassador of Croatian tourism, you can also be one. When a guest asks you what they can see in your city be prepared to refer them to all the local stories. Tell him a story about your tradition, culture and customs. Recommend him the great tourist stories he can experience in your city or surroundings. Also, in order to be an ambassador of Croatian tourism, you do not have to be a tourist worker. If guests on the street ask you for advice, you can certainly boast of some local tourist stories or at least refer it to the tourist board in the city.THE CITY IS PEOPLE, SO DOMESTIC PEOPLE ARE TOURISM AND THE BEST AMBASSADORS OF CROATIAN TOURISMAs far as I know, local tourist tours for their citizens are organized not only in Zagreb, but also in Vinkovci, Split and Rijeka. A very important segment that citizens must be familiar with and proud of if we are serious about tourism, especially in destinations that primarily live and develop from tourism.Get to know your city and all the hidden stories that are simmering. Trust me, you will be pleasantly surprised. Be a tourist in your own city in order to experience it as well as possible and thus tell that story and experience to our tourists. Let us be proud of our identity, history, heritage, culture because we certainly have something to be proud of.Be ambassadors of Croatian tourism, tell stories.last_img

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