first_imgConditions of EmploymentThis is a CONTINUOUS recruitment for a volunteer POOL to fillvolunteering assignments on an as-needed basis. We acceptapplications all year long. Departments or Divisions will refer tothe POOL of applications on file to fill intern and volunteerassignments as the need arises. (Applications will remain in thepool for one year.)Additional InformationApplication Requirements: To be considered for a volunteeropportunity you must submit:A complete online Volunteer application. There are a variety of options for volunteering. Departments canview your skills and areas of expertise that align with their goalsand areas of need, as available. The duties and responsibilitieswill vary depending on the nature of the assignment.Volunteers can help extend and expand existing programs within theDistrict by providing the additional services needed. They canassist departments by providing skills, expertise, fresh ideas,objective view points, or an extra hand.Qualifications and Physical DemandsVolunteers can expect to have:Meaningful and challenging assignmentsClear and specific directions at all timesOn-going training and supervisionRecognition of accomplishmentsA working partnership with staffFeedback and suggestions from supervisorsVolunteers agree to:Perform assignments effectivelyNotify the supervisor when unable to report for assignmentObserve the organization’s/department’s guidelinesParticipate in training and accept supervisionAsk questions when necessaryMaintain confidentialityGive adequate notice of resignationThrough volunteering, you CAN:Gain valuable work experienceMake use of your talents and abilitiesAchieve new skillsSecure job referencesExplore career possibilitiesImprove communication skillsStimulate new friendshipsHelp maintain a high quality of serviceBe a good neighborMake a difference! All applications will be screened under a process of utmostconfidentiality by a committee of representatives from the collegecommunity.Any documents that you are unable to attach can be faxed to (714)782-6065 or emailed to [email protected] Faxes and emails must clearlyindicate the job you are applying to and your name.Disability Accommodations: If you require accommodations inthe Application or Examination Process, please notify HumanResources by calling (714) 438-4714 OR (714) 438-4713.Information for TDD users is available by calling (714)438-4755.Once you have completed an electronic application, you may apply toopen positions within the Coast Community College District bysubmitting the application and all other required materials.Required materials differ for each open position and must becomplete when submitted for a specific posting. Instructions forcompleting applications and applying to posted positions areavailable online or by calling Recruitment at (714) 438-4716.All application materials become the property of the CoastCommunity College District and will NOT be copied orreturned.This direct link 2020 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (ASFSR) is the 2020Annual Security and Fire Safety Report for Coast Colleges. Thecrime statistics for calendar years 2017, 2018, and 2019 weresubmitted to the U.S. Department of Education as required under theJeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus CrimeStatistics Act. A hardcopy can be provided from one of the CampusSafety Offices. Please contact any of the Campus Safety Offices forany questions regarding the report.The Coast Community College District is committed to employingqualified administrators/managers, faculty, and staff members whoare dedicated to student learning and success. The Board recognizesthat diversity in the academic environment fosters awareness,promotes mutual understanding and respect, and provides suitablerole models for all students. The Board is committed to hiring andstaff development processes that support the goals of equalopportunity and diversity, and provide equal consideration for allqualified candidates. The District does not discriminate unlawfullyin providing educational or employment opportunities to any personon the basis of race, color, sex, gender identity, genderexpression, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, sexualorientation, marital status, medical condition, physical or mentaldisability, military or veteran status, or geneticinformation.center_img DefinitionAnswer the Call to Service: Explore Volunteer Opportunitiesat your local Community Colleges!Volunteering at the Coast Community College District helps not onlythe students; it provides many rewards for the volunteers as well.Our volunteers love the academic environment and the unique beautythat each of our campuses offer. The colleges’ volunteers are adiverse group. They range in age from 18 to 90. They areprofessional people, business men and women, retirees, homemakers,college students, faculty and staff. Together they contributethousands of service hours to the colleges each year.Volunteering to assist in any of the opportunities below can be arewarding experience in and of itself. In addition, theseopportunities can provide participants with an inside look at thetypes of positions that exist in the Coast Community CollegeDistrict.Student ServicesInstructional ServicesAdministrative ServicesStudent Success and SupportCollege and Community SupportCollege Advancement (Foundation)Business ServicesAthleticsStudent ActivitiesArt GalleryPublic Relations and Marketinglast_img

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