Sediment fingerprinting

first_imgWhen it storms, sediment spills into the North Fork Broad River. It has hurt the river for decades. Scientists want to know the source of the sediment so it can be controlled. The remains from nuclear fallout can help them do it.Sediment is fine soil particles. If left unchecked, it can choke a river and disrupt its food chain. It can blanket the river’s natural rocky bottom where some insects live and fish lay eggs. Sediment-filled water is harder and more expensive to clean for drinking, too.The North Fork Broad River runs through northeast Georgia. In 1998, it was listed as a sediment-impaired river. Many rivers in the Southeast suffer the same fate, said David Radcliffe, a soil scientist with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.“Plans are in place to reduce the sediment load for this and other rivers in the region,” he said. “But for restoration to work, we need to find out exactly where the sediment is coming from.”To find the source, the river will be used to test a technique called sediment fingerprinting, he said. This will be the first time the technique, more commonly used in Europe, has been used in the Southeast. And a key to the technique left its print on the earth decades ago.Nuclear testing in the 1950s released cesium-137 into the atmosphere. This radioactive isotope settled over the entire world and attached to soil. But it went no deeper than a few inches below the surface. “Since there are no natural sources of cesium-137 in the environment, it serves as a unique tracer for erosion of surface soils,” Radcliffe said.Over the next three years, Radcliffe will collect 1,000 samples, or fingerprints, in and around the North Fork Broad River during stormy and fair weather. The samples will be tested for cesium-137 and other minor tracer materials.But how can this help pinpoint sediment in the North Fork Broad River? Traditionally, it’s assumed that sediment today comes from surface soil eroding farm fields, dirt roads, construction sites or cleared forest land, Radcliffe said.But it can come from another place, too.Poor farming practices in the late 1800s and early 1900s allowed field soil then to erode “at tremendous rates” into streams and rivers, he said. Over time, this “legacy” sediment was buried below the surface soil in flood plains and along river banks throughout the Southeast.North Fork Broad River samples that are high in cesium-137 would likely come from soil that has been at the surface since the nuclear testing, he said, or in the past 50 years. This would likely be current sediment from the traditional places.Samples that are low in cesium-137 indicate sediment that has not been near the surface in the last 50 years. This would be the legacy sediment finally eroding from the banks where it was deposited so long ago.“I think it’s fascinating that an environmental tag from such a horrible source can be turned into something quite useful,” Radcliffe said. A model of the river’s sediment sources will be created and used to steer conservation and restoration efforts, he said.The project will include scientists from the National Sedimentation Laboratory in Oxford, Miss., and the Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory in Beltsville, Md. It is funded by a grant from the Cooperative State Research Education and Extension Service Integrated Water Quality Program.Outreach and educational programs stemming from this research will be created for the region, too, and lead by Mark Risse, a UGA Cooperative Extension engineer.last_img read more

Yarn Brings the South to NYC

first_imgAlong with Athens, Georgia, and our dual hometowns of Charlottesville and Asheville, New York City ranks as one of my favorite Southern musical cities.  That’s right, I just dubbed The Big Apple as a Southern musical haven, if not by geography then by sound.  New York City has long had a folk movement that has been distinctly Southern in flavor, an acousticana complete with banjos, mandolins, and high lonesome vocals more attuned to the Appalachian mountains than the concrete jungle.At the forefront of that movement right now is Yarn, a sextet that owes its sound as much to Bob Dylan and Neil Young as it does to Earl Scruggs and Ralph Stanley.  Driven by the songwriting of lead singer/guitarist Blake Christiana and the frenetic mandolin work of Andrew Hendryx, Yarn has been a touring machine in recent years, reeling in fans across the South.Yarn returns to Charlottesville on Thursday, April 4th, with a show at The Southern Music Hall.Joining Yarn on the bill will be James Justin & Company, one of the best bands currently making music here in Virginia.  JJ&Co. released Places last year and it quickly became one of my favorite records of 2012.  Chronicling the band’s recent travels, the record is a sonic adventure, taking listeners on tour with the band as they ventured from South Carolina, through the Midwest, and back again.Rounding out the night is Driftwood, an up and coming roots band out of Binghamton, New York.This promises to be an excellent evening of music and I want to help you hear it all.  Take a shot at the trivia question below and email your response to [email protected]  One winner will be chosen from all of the correct responses received by noon on Thursday, April 4th.  I’ll shoot you an email to let you know you have won and a pair of tickets to the show will be waiting on you at the door.Question . . . . . What noted singer/songwriter, New Bohemian – and wife of Paul Simon – sang harmony vocals on Empty Pockets, Yarn’s excellent 2008 release?Charlottesville music peeps, make your way to The Southern Music Hall on the Downtown Mall for Yarn, James Justin & Company, and Driftwood on Thursday, April 4th.  Doors open at 7:00 and music starts at 8:00. For more info on shows at The Southern Music Hall, point your browser to read more

Braves organist pokes fun at Reese McGuire’s masturbation case by playing ‘Beat It’ during at-bat

first_imgVideo of his arrest was also released by TMZ within the past week.McGuire has struggled at the plate season, placing just two hits in 12 at bats (.167). He went 0-for-3 in Thursday’s loss to the Braves, so perhaps the organist got in his head. But for those who do know, it was a clever moment.LMAO the Braves organist just played the song “beat it” while Reese McGuire walked up to the plate. The troll job of the century— Gabe (@PlayoffTanaka) August 6, 2020MORE: Aaron Boone complains about crowd noise in empty stadiumAnd in case you doubted whether the organist played “Beat It,” the man behind the keys confirmed it in a tweet.#Braves vs #BlueJays“Star Wars” for Bichette“Big Shot” for Biggio“Royals” for Lourdes“Rawhide” for Rowdy“Toccata and Fugue” for Vladimir“Mr. Grinch” for Grichuk“Renegade” for Shaw“High Hopes” for Panik“Beat It” for McGuire— Matthew Kaminski (@bravesorganist) August 6, 2020McGuire was arrested in February after a witness claimed the Blue Jays catcher was pleasuring himself in a Florida parking lot.From TMZ Sports:Cops say a witness told them the Blue Jays catcher had been masturbating in his parked car before they arrived on the scene. According to the report, cops say after they rolled up to the parking lot, they saw McGuire with his shirt “barely covering his genitals” and his sweatpants around his ankles. They claim in the report when they got McGuire out of his car, he “had an erection which was very apparent.”MORE: Blue Jays forced to remove pitcher who wasn’t on umpires’ lineup cardHis story gained additional coverage in July when it was reported he entered a plea deal with prosecutors. He got off easy with “nothing more than fines and costs,” per TMZ.  The Braves’ organist saw an opportunity during Thursday’s game that they couldn’t pass up.When Blue Jays catcher Reese McGuire stepped up to the plate, the organist could be heard playing Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.” For those who don’t follow which MLB players have been caught publicly masturbating, the reference likely went over your head.last_img read more

The Mommy Chronicles: No More Participation Awards, Please!

first_imgIf you remember from my first blog, I like a neat house – not “Mommy Dearest” neat, just organized and (relatively) clutter-free. That being said, if every program that children participated in these days eliminated participation trophies, certificates, ribbons and plaques, I would have a much easier time keeping up with it.My children are 5 and 7 and have already accumulated more “awards” than I ever had. I could likely stomach the clutter if they had received these awards due to their superior athletic and/or academic prowess. Were that the case, I could easily substitute my affinity for neatness with parental pride.  Regrettably, however, they received the majority of these awards not for such accolades, but simply because they showed up.Don’t get me wrong, I am all for building self-confidence and making kids feel good about themselves…when they deserve it.  I don’t think kids should be yelled at, belittled or be made to think that winning is everything.  But, why can’t the experience of participating in the activity itself be enough? Why are kids given awards for merely showing up and trying? Isn’t that what they’re supposed to do?Last year, I coached my daughter’s soccer team.  We had lots of fun. Girls who never played soccer learned about the game, new friends were made, and we lost LOTS of games. And guess what? At the end of the season I had to hand each player a personalized soccer trophy. When we got home my daughter asked me why we got a trophy when we only won one game. I had no answer.Some of you may think I’m mean and that not every kid will be on a winning team or ever have a chance to win a trophy and so what harm does a participation award do. The harm is that it dilutes their understanding and appreciation of what it truly means to accomplish something. I think over time with hard work, every child will eventually find something that he or she is good at. They might not discover what they’re good at when they are 5, but that gives them the chance to explore the vast opportunities that are available to them. And when they do finally win an award for coming in first place at a swim meet, art contest, spelling bee or whatever activity they excel in, they can display that award with pride, knowing that they truly earned it.If you don’t agree with me on that level, consider that eliminating participation awards will cut back on the amount of natural resources we use to create the endless numbers of trophies, certificates, and ribbons that inevitability end up in the trash … at least they do at my (relatively clutter-free) house.last_img read more


first_imgBY CATHAL MacSUIBHNE in GALWAY: For the second week in succession Donegal steamrolled inferior opposition and they already look far too good for Division Two football.While the swagger present in Portlaoise last week wasn’t quite as obvious today, Jim McGuinness’ men were proficient in how they went about their business and bagged another pair of league points in the process.Even before the ball was thrown in, the gulf in class and gap in professionalism of both teams was evident. The Donegal players arrived out on the field at Pearse Stadium forty minutes before throw-in to undergo their warm up routine – and they all looked the part decked out in their newly acquired O’Neills gear. Their drills had already been set up, cones laid out and the players went about their work before retreating to the dressing room for final words from their mentors. Galway on the other hand, only took the field twenty minutes before the start of the game and their preparation lacked the efficiency and organisation of their counterparts.A few handling errors by his men in the drills had McGuinness barking orders and demanding more of his troops. At the other end the hosts looked liked they had come for a training session.When the action got underway, Donegal adapted to the conditions better and implemented their running game whilst playing against the strong breeze blowing in from the Promenade in Salthill. Galway, despite having the stiff wind at their backs, were reluctant to shoot from distance and they made hard work of the scores that came their way.Once Colm McFadden goaled after a quarter of an hour, following a wonderful sweeping move that started in the opposite corner of the field, it gave his team a cushion that was never going to be threatened. Donegal’s play was patient, smart and precise – they were quite happy to take numerous passes before the correct run was made and then they attacked the central channel of the home defence. Having only passed a pitch inspection this morning, the recent wet weather left the sod extremely soft today and both teams will be feeling it in their legs tonight. The state of the pitch made it particularly difficult for the forwards – several times decent passes were played in front of them but with little or no bounce off the soft turf many of these were spilt and ended up in the hands of defenders.They stuck at it though and the starting full-forward line of McFadden, Michael Murphy and Dermot Molloy posted 1-10 of the 1-16 Donegal total. Add in Patrick McBrearty’s three fine points from play after his introduction from the bench and there is real quality in Donegal’s forward play right now. They’re all playing with confidence, evidenced by McFadden’s audacious effort to lob the Galway netminder Manus Breathnach after he left his goal unguarded in coming out to intercept a pass destined for Captain Murphy.There’s plenty of confidence amongst the supporters at present too, with a huge Donegal faithful in attendance today and indeed at times it seemed as if we outnumbered the locals.While Donegal got a lot of joy from attacking centrally, there was no such luck for Galway going in the opposite direction as they met Leo McLoone putting in a masterclass at centre-back. He was as solid as a rock for the seventy minutes, breaking up plenty of opposition attacks and getting forward when the chance arose as well. Pound for pound he’s one of the squad’s leading ball players and appears to have made the number six jersey his own with Karl Lacey being used in the full-back line of late. Lacey was initially given marking duties on James Kavanagh, the former Kildare star who transferred to the maroon and white this year. Kavanagh though dropped deep and played much of the game at midfield, a strange call by the management given his prowess in front of the posts.Donegal’s other corner back, Ryan McHugh, had a good day at the office and is certainly stating his case for inclusion come the summer. His burst of pace and economy while in possession make him a solid option for numerous positions on the field and showed he can score too, firing over early in the second period. Another who impressed was Martin McElhinney, who played at midfield partnering Rory Kavanagh in the middle in the first half and then the returning Neil Gallagher in the second. McElhinney’s strong, direct running has always been a big part of his game but his primary ball winning ability is improving with every outing and his all-round game today was excellent.With the likes of McElhinney,the aforementioned McHugh and half forward Odhrán MacNiallais all revelling in their starting roles, the league is already proving very useful for the team as regards improving the strength of the squad. That will be tested in three weeks time when Donegal face into what will most likely be the toughest game in the division as Ulster Champions Monaghan come to O’Donnell Park. There will certainly be a bit of spice in that one after the events in Clones last July and at this rate it might well be a dress rehearsal for a league decider in Croke Park come April.While Donegal’s start has been nothing but impressive, the visit of the Farney men will tell us a lot about how the team is shaping up and will be a more accurate barometer of what awaits over the course of the year.CATHAL’S DONEGAL GAA BLOG: STAR PERFORMANCES ALL ROUND IN GALWAY was last modified: February 10th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:CATHAL MACSUIBHNE’S GAA DIARYdonegalGalwaylast_img read more

Celebrity chef cooking up a plan to keep Kevin Durant with the Warriors

first_imgEveryone talks about Kevin Durant’s upcoming free agent decision, but no one does anything about it.Hold on a sec. Wait just a slam-dunking minute here — we might have found someone who can tilt the basketball court toward the Warriors and their fans after all. Not only that, he comes highly recommended, having played a role in steering KD from Oklahoma City to Golden State three years ago.C’mon, Guy Fieri, don’t be shy.The celebrity chef and lifelong Warriors fanatic laughed off any such …last_img

a month ago​Liverpool boss Klopp: Napoli can win Champions League

first_img​Liverpool boss Klopp: Napoli can win Champions Leagueby Freddie Taylora month agoSend to a friendShare the loveLiverpool boss Jurgen Klopp believes Napoli are good enough to win the Champions League.The Reds and defending champions suffered a humbling 2-0 loss to the Italian outfit in Naples.Goals from Dries Mertens and Fernando Llorente were enough to give Napoli the win.Speaking about the game and Napoli, Klopp said to the club’s official website: “They can win the competition, that’s how it is. “If you have a good plan, if you have good players, which is what they obviously have, then they can win the competition. “We experienced that you don’t have to be the best team in the world to win the Champions League. “You have to be in the right moment, you need to be lucky in some situations and when there’s only two guys in the room that think it’s a penalty you still have to accept that’s a penalty, but that’s all. “They can win the competition, of course.” About the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

ESPN The Magazine Makes College Football Playoff, National Title Prediction

first_imgESPN PlayoffESPN PlayoffThe college football preview of ESPN The Magazine has been released. In the magazine are a number of predictions for the 2016 season.  Twitter/Playoff.Twitter/Playoff.Among them: a College Football Playoff forecast. ESPN college football expert Brad Edwards has made his prediction for the playoff and the New Year’s Six bowls. Here’s ESPN The Magazine‘s College Football Playoff:No. 1 Oklahoma vs. No. 4 WashingtonNo. 2 LSU vs. No. 3 ClemsonHere’s ESPN The Magazine‘s national championship:No. 1 Oklahoma over No. 3 Clemson. The rest of the New Year’s Six bowls:Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic: Houston vs. Notre DameCapital One Orange Bowl: Florida State vs. AlabamaRose Bowl: Michigan vs. USCAllstate Sugar Bowl: Tennessee vs. TCUThe full magazine is on newsstands now. [ESPN]last_img read more

SC cancels bail granted to exJharkhand minister Yogendra Sao

first_imgNew Delhi: The Supreme Court on Thursday cancelled the bail of former Jharkhand minister Yogendra Sao, against whom several cases of rioting and instigating violence have been registered.A bench headed by Justice S A Bobde said it is satisfied that have been breach of bail conditions imposed on Sao in December 2017 as his “unauthorised presence” was found in Jharkhand. Sao had been directed to stay in Bhopal. The apex court comprising justices S A Nazeer and Indira Banerjee transferred the trial in 18 criminal cases against Sao and his MLA wife Nirmala Devi, an accused in similar cases, from Hazaribagh in Jharkhand to Ranchi. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’However, the top court rejected the state government’s plea seeking cancellation of Devi’s bail, saying the deviations in bail conditions in her case were minor in nature. It refused to accept Devi’s prayer to allow her to stay in Patna instead of Bhopal. On January 21, the Jharkhand government had told the apex court that Sao was threatening an investigating officer posted in Barkagaon police station in Hazaribagh district and a case has been registered against him. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&KThe state government had asked for cancellation of Sao and Devi’s bail, saying they were not staying in Bhopal as directed by the top court and also did not attend trial court proceedings when they were in Jharkhand. On January 15, the apex court had asked Sao and his wife to explain on how many occasions they did not attend trial court proceedings despite being in the state. The top court had also asked the couple about the circumstances in which they were out of Bhopal, saying the exception granted to them was that they would enter Jharkhand only to attend trial court proceedings. Both Sao and Devi were granted bail on December 15, 2017, by the top court and they were directed to stay in Bhopal as a bail condition. They were allowed to visit Jharkhand only for court hearings under police protection after intimating Bhopal superintendent of police. The Jharkhand government has said that out of 260 days, Sao had been in Jharkhand for more than 150 days and hardly spent 25 days in Bhopal. It has claimed that Sao travelled out of Bhopal on 24 occasions, out of which he travelled to Delhi a dozen times. It has said that in 11 cases registered against Sao, charges were not framed by the trial judge as he did not appear before the court despite directions from the top court. It has said several criminal cases were pending against the couple. The cases are at various stages of trial, including at the level of framing of charges, where their presence is needed. The apex court had taken exception to the charge framing order passed by a court in Jharkhand through instant messaging application WhatsApp. It had wondered how this kind of a “joke” was allowed to happen in a court of law in India. A lower judge in Hazaribagh district had put Sao on trial by pronouncing the order framing charges against them through a WhatsApp call. Both Sao and Devi had challenged the order in apex court, saying the trial judge had on April 19 last year framed charges against them through a WhatsApp call despite they raising objections to it. The apex court took serious note of it and observed that this process cannot be allowed, and administration of justice cannot be allowed to be brought into disrepute. The couple had sought transfer of their cases from Jharkhand to New Delhi. Both Devi and Sao were accused in a case relating to violent clashes between villagers and police in 2016 in which four persons were killed. Sao was a minister in the Hemant Soren government in August 2013.last_img read more