CMC Democrats Silent on Racist Attack Mailer Supporting Andrzejcak Team

first_imgAntwan McClellan accepts an award in honor of the late Ocean City civic leader Dick Grimes from then-state Sen. Jeff Van Drew, now a congressman, during a 2018 ceremony. .Press Release by: Cape GOPTen days after a vile, racist mailer assaulted county voters, Cape May County Democrat Leader Brendan Sciarra and appointed State Senator Bob Andrzejczak remain shamefully silent; refusing to condemn the attack in fear of upsetting their Camden County Party Bosses behind the hit piece. Despite widespread and growing condemnation, multiple mailers, utilizing the same despicable themes in support of the Andrzejczak Team, continue to pound the drum of racism and distort Antwan McClellan’s laudable life story.The race-baiting mailer, which depicts African-American District 1 Assembly Candidate McClellan as “deadbeat”, features a picture where McClellan’s complexion is darkened and placed in an Aunt Jemima/Uncle Ben-style circle. The direct mail piece was ordered and paid for by General Majority PAC, led by Camden County Political Boss George Norcross.Democrat Governor Phil Murphy and Lt. Governor Shiela Oliver – Photo Credit: Insider NJOn Saturday September 21st, Democrat Governor Phil Murphy and Lt. Governor Shiela Oliver released a joint statement condemning the attack ad, calling the piece “disgusting and offensive”.  The Governor’s comments followed earlier statements by two leading NJ African-American voices, Democrat State Party Chair John Currie and Essex County Democrat Committee Chairman Leroy Jones.“I absolutely condemn this mailer. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Democrat or Republican,” Jones said. “…this is unacceptable across the board.”Cape May County Republican Chairman Marcus Karavan called on his Democrat counterpart Brendan Sciarra and the entire 2019 Democrat ticket to immediately condemn the mailer and disavow the support of the Norcross Super PAC.“After ten long days, the Democrats’ silence on this racist attack is deafening,” Karavan said. “There should be no safe place for this vile, degrading rhetoric in today’s politics.  These desperate tactics are further proof that the Democrat ticket, from top to bottom, is bankrupt of ideas, has no record of achievement to bring to the voters and is utterly controlled by powerful forces outside of Cape May County.  I call on the following Democrat officials and candidates to immediately, loudly and publicly disavow and condemn this repugnant and racist attack.”Cape May County Democrat Leader Brendan SciarraCongressman Jeff Van DrewAppointed State Senator Bob AndrzejczakAppointed Assemblyman Matt MilamAssemblyman Bruce LandFreeholder Candidate Joyce GouldFreeholder Candidate Elizabeth Caseylast_img read more

Is blockchain technology a threat to credit unions?

first_img 10SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr When I first heard of blockchain technology, I was thinking: what the heck is that? I’ve heard of block and tackle, block parties, even H&R Block — but never blockchain. So I researched it and got semi educated on it and then started to hear rumblings throughout the industry on its possible impact — good or bad. continue reading »last_img

A lesson in teamwork the Rangers can’t forget

first_imgby Jim LitkeAP Sportswriter Getting the Texas Rangers to play the game the way he did was never going to be an easy sell. Tougher still was how Ron Washington got them to play for each other.Back when he was still cashing checks as a player, Washington was a skinny middle infielder, with no pop in his bat, who learned to make the most of every opportunity. He was good with the glove, smart on the basepaths and stubborn enough to make every swing count, especially late in games.The Rangers are hardly a “small-ball” team, not with the kind of power that Washington could only dream about, sprinkled throughout the lineup. But the Rangers have used those fundamental skills—plus solid pitching—to offset the Yankees’ edge in playoff experience and forge a 3-2 edge in the ALCS.“I’m just a guy that loves to stress the little things in the game of baseball,” Washington said after practice, “because those are the things that take care of business and the big things happen.”Nothing, though, may have had a bigger impact on his ballclub than Washington testing positive for cocaine during the 2009 season.He called Jon Daniels, the general manager who hired him, and learned the job was still his if Washington wanted it. Local hero and team president Nolan Ryan signed off on the decision.“Look at all the things a manager has to do. How he handles the media, the Xs and Os. How he handles a bullpen—and he’s doing it for 162 games, plus spring training, plus offseason camps,” Daniels recalled last Thursday.“When we looked at it through that prism, it was a real easy decision. We knew what kind of man he is and we believe in giving second chances.”Sports Illustrated reported the positive test in March, leading Washington to run the gauntlet in his own clubhouse. He called a meeting, but first he called in a handful of the team’s leaders and broke the news. Among them was Josh Hamilton, whom Washington had backed in his battle with substance abuse; another was Michael Young, the longest-serving Ranger and the same guy who wound up the center of an argument that earned Washington his first-ever ejection as a manager.Players don’t forget gestures like that, but Washington was always good at one-on-ones. He taught Eric Chavez the intricacies of fielding while coaching in Oakland and the six-time winner sent back one of his Gold Gloves in gratitude.But facing a clubhouse full of players wondering whether the man preaching patience and teamwork had the standing to do so was another matter. The moment Washington finished talking, he offered to field questions.Even a brief examination of their manager’s career should have been enough to answer any lingering doubts. Washington soldiered on 10 years in the minors with only one call-up to the bigs, which barely lasted a month. He spent 15 years after that coaching or managing at both levels to get his shot at running the Rangers.Whether Young knew that history or not, he knew enough to cut off the debate. He told his teammates forcefully that Washington was “our manager.”“At that point,” Young added in a recent interview with The New York Times, “it wasn’t just Wash’s issue; we made it our issue.”His ballplayers demonstrated that by marching from the locker room to the press conference to stand behind their manager. They’ve had each other’s backs ever since, showing it most recently by spraying ginger ale in the clubhouse after winning the division so Hamilton could join the celebration.That spirit, Daniels said, “is shining through in the playoffs. Guys feed off him, they believe in him.”Remember that when the camera cuts to Washington, still skinny, perched on a step in the dugout. He’ll look caught up in the moment, but that’s because most of the hard work is already behind him.“But why did it take four years?” a reporter asked Washington on the eve of Game 6.“Because I’m no miracle worker,” he replied evenly. “Everyone takes time to develop and understand what’s right and what’s wrong. If it was that easy, I think everybody would be able to go out there and create something.“But it don’t happen like that,” he added. “It’s a process.”(Jim Litke is a national sports columnist for The Associated Press. Write to him at [email protected])last_img read more

‘There’s a sucker born every minute’

first_imgWhen fans cause the turnstiles to click at NFL stadiums they are under the false illusion that they are the “backbone” of support for their team.Let’s talk about the officiating in professional football, baseball and basketball.Let’s begin with the NFL. In January of 2006, the Pittsburgh Steelers narrowly defeated the Indianapolis Colts at Indy in a playoff game on their way to Super Bowl XL. Late in the game a sure interception by Steelers defensive back Troy Polomalu was overturned and ex-Steelers linebacker Joey Porter had this to say to the New York Times about the officiating. “When they did that, they really want Peyton Manning and these guys to win the Super Bowl. They are just going to straight take it for them. I felt they were like ‘we don’t care if you know we’re cheating. We’re cheating for them.’”He went on to say that, “The whole world loves Peyton Manning, but come on man, don’t take the game away from us. I felt they were cheating us. When the interception happened, everybody in the world knew that was an interception.”There are bad calls and suspect calls in every sport. At least the NFL is making a feeble attempt to pretend that there is credibility in its officiating methods.What about basketball? Ex-NBA official Tim Donaghy was involved in one of the biggest sports scandals in history. He was charged and proven guilty of fixing games to make good on his bets. Well, he was sentenced to 15 months in prison. That was not even a slap on the wrist. Was this penalty over the top? No, he and anyone bearing his surname should never be permitted to officiate in any league. In this case, the NBA was the suckers. Where were all of the red flags? There should be a federal law that prohibits any official from the midget league on up from any type of gambling.How many games have been altered over the years by biased and slanted calls? There are no major penalties that umpires and officials have to pay for wrong and outright fraudulent calls. Only the fans pay with broken hearts and even more broken wallets. Every time that a ref blows a call why don’t they refund the fans 50 percent of their ticket price? That noble gesture would put an enormous amount of pressure on the “zebras.” If they don’t get it right, then they have to pay the piper.There have been many baseball, football and basketball games that we know were fraudulent. Even if the outcome ends up questionable, don’t allow the intent to be so.How many shady strikes were called on Jackie Robinson, Roberto Clemente and Willie Mays? How many times were they called out while attempting to steal a base when the entire universe knew that they were safe? Can you count the times that they threw a runner out at the plate and the plate umpire ruled that player safe?Prior to instant replay being instituted in the NFL how many wide receivers have been ruled out of bounds because the officials just did not like the way that they looked? Oh, I could go on and on but I do not have enough space.I am embarrassed, not for me but I feel sad for you America. It is you that has the audacity to think that there is fairness on the field in the policing of American sports. How naive can you be with billions at stake within the leagues performing systems and “zillions” floating around in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Monaco and any other gambling parlor that you can drop a dollar down on any game of chance. Yes, major sports have now evolved into, “games of chance?” Remember the phrase, any given Sunday? Well that saying is full of it as well because in the end it is very often that the play on the gridiron, baseball diamond and the basketball court is secondary to the decisions made in the boardroom. Heed my warning to you America! There may be a sucker born every minute. Just don’t let that sucker be you.(Aubrey Bruce can be reached at: [email protected] or 412-583-6741.) Phineas Taylor Barnum (July 5, 1810–April 7, 1891) was an American showman, businessman, and entertainer. P.T. Barnum was probably pound for pound the greatest promoter that ever lived. The genuine magic was not the “slight of hand” presented by his various “magi.” The “slight of mind” was the anticipation that the audience experienced caused by the mental trickery that Barnum used on the “fans” prior to any Barnum event. Some people attribute the phrase; “there’s a sucker born every minute” to P.T. Barnum, well at least Broadway does. It was never proven that Mr. Barnum ever uttered that saying. But ya know what folks? It seems as if the world of sports ownership is draining as much as they can from that expression and from the gullible fans that support all of the “games.”last_img read more

Mater Dei’s 50-Year Reunion

first_imgBy John BurtonATLANTIC HIGHLANDS – Fifty years ago a young, fledgling Catholic school was sending its first young charges into the world. And now, half a century later many returned to share memories and stories of their lives outside of what was then Mater Dei High School and to hear the music of their time with a reunion of a popular local band of the period.“It really is kind of uplifting seeing everyone,” observed Bob Ballweg, Santa Cruz, California, a Class of ’65 alumnus, Mater Dei’s first graduating class, as he surveyed the room of former classmates and their spouses.“It doesn’t make you feel old,” seeing old friends, Ballweg said. “Just the opposite. I feel young seeing everyone.”Members of the Class of 1965, the first graduating class of what is now Mater Dei Prep Catholic High SchoolMater Dei 50th Reunion. Photo: John BurtonTom Dooley, a Middletown resident and facilitator for the reunion committee, said the 1965 class has lost 10 members and ’66 has had 11 deaths.Along with those activities the crowd had a chance to hear from The Mods, who used the classes’ reunion as an opportunity for its own reunion after about 15 years of not performing together.The Mods was a popular rock and roll band made up of musicians from Rumson, Sea Bright and Middletown and the surrounding area, playing covers of the hot music of the ‘60s at what was then called The Oaks, a teen club at what is now McGuires Grove apartment complex, Highway 35, in Middletown, and other happening venues of the period.Ray Belicose, a member of Mater Dei’s class of ’66 who lives in Maine, was a drummer with The Mods back in the day. He returned for the reunion because “I wanted to see my old friends from school,” he said, “and to give them some of the music we use to dance to in the ‘60s.”“We were something then,” remembered lead singer, guitarist and piano player Richard Lillie. Lillie graduated from Rumson High School in 1964 and now lives in Irvine, California. He had performed with the band from 1964 to 1973, singing about 37 of the approximately 40 songs the band performed a night.By 1974 the group members began going their separate ways. “Like everyone else you have to move on,” Lillie acknowledged.The Mods, a legendary local rock and roll band of the 1960s, have their own reunion as they got together and performed at the Shore Casino last Saturday evening for members of Mater Dei High School classes of 1965 and 1966, who were having their class reunion. Photo: John BurtonHe traveled back to New Jersey with his wife, Pam, for one last show, for old times’ sake and to perform with Pam, who planned to sing a few numbers herself. And he maintained, “I never lost my voice,” but suspecting “This is probably my last show,” giving it up after the evening. “I’ll probably be in bed all day tomorrow,” recuperating,Lillie suspected. Middletown resident Robert Dobson, Class of ’65, and member of the reunion committee, pointed out as the high school’s first class, the students had no upperclassmen and didn’t even have a building at that point.“We had nobody ahead of us to teach us the bad ways,” classmate Sally Harris offered with a good-natured wink.Dobson recalled his classes were conducted in St. Mary’s grammar school until 1964, when what is now the high school structure, on Cherry Tree Farm Road was completed.There were 110 students in the 1965 class and 113 students were in the 1966 class.“One of the things I really appreciated was the quality of the teachers we had back then,” Dobson said. Back then it was mostly Franciscan nuns responsible for most of the classes and Dobson remembered his math teacher, Sister Rosemary, had a Ph.D. in mathematics. “How many had a math teacher with that background?”“What I liked was the small school environment,” Dooley offered. “Everybody knew everybody else.”
Reunion plans began last winter just as Bishop David M. O’Connell announced the high school’s pending permanent closing in June due to money and enrollment woes, Dooley said. And “We never should have gotten to the point where we got that call,” he acknowledged. But things seem to be on track, with a newly established board of directors and financial oversight, seeming to give the privately run Catholic high school another chance to continue. “I believe it is on firm financial and organizational grounds,” at this point, Dooley continued.Margo Dooley and her husband, Tom, were high school sweethearts who married after college. She was a cheerleader back then and Tom was on the track team. Reminiscing with old friends, “It’s like 50 years haven’t really passed,” she said.last_img read more


first_img–30– ARCADIA, Calif. (Dec. 21, 2015)–Fresh off victory in the Grade I Breeders’ Cup Sprint, owner James (Mattress Mac) McIngvale’s Runhappy heads a field of seven in Santa Anita’s Opening Day headliner, the Grade I, $300,000 Malibu Stakes for 3-year-olds at seven furlongs.Although the Sprint was Runhappy’s third consecutive graded stakes victory and fifth win in-a-row overall, trainer Maria Borell was terminated the morning after the Sprint on Nov. 1, following an apparent disagreement as to how the son of Super Saver would be managed that morning at Keeneland. As a result, the colt’s original conditioner, Laura Wohlers, is once again the trainer of record.Ridden to victory in his last three starts by the recently injured Edgar Prado, Runhappy will be handled for the first time in the Malibu by Gary Stevens, who has two lifetime Malibu wins to his credit. Blessed with eye catching speed, Runhappy’s lone career try at seven furlongs resulted in a four length triumph three starts back in the Grade I King’s Bishop Stakes at Saratoga on Aug. 29.By all accounts, Runhappy has trained sensationally since his Breeders’ Cup win, with two bullet works in Kentucky at a half mile and five furlongs, and he followed those moves up with a bullet five furlongs at Santa Anita in 1:11.80 on Dec. 8. His most recent drill came here on Dec. 15, when he breezed seven furlongs in 1:25.40.A winner of the Grade II, seven furlong San Vicente Stakes here on Feb. 1, Bob Baffert’s Lord Nelson enters the Malibu fresh, as he’s been idle since running fourth in the Grade III Pat Day Mile at Churchill Downs May 2. A Kentucky-bred colt by Pulpit, Lord Nelson is owned by Peachtree Stable and would appear to be a dangerous commodity off the bench. In his only other start at seven furlongs, Lord Nelson ran a close second, two starts back, in the Grade III Bay Shore Stakes at Aqueduct April 4.Fourth, beaten 6 ½ lengths by Runhappy in the Grade I King’s Bishop two starts back on Aug. 29, trainer Kiaran McLaughlin’s lightly raced Watershed comes off a rousing allowance score going seven furlongs at Keeneland on Oct. 15 and has trained well locally since shipping in from South Florida earlier this month.A first-out maiden allowance winner going six furlongs at Saratoga Aug. 7, the Kentucky-bred colt by Bernardini has won two of his three starts, all in combination with Joel Rosario, who will fly in for the Opening Day assignment. Bred by Darley Stud and owned by their Godolphin Racing, LLC, Watershed is out of the Dubai Millenium mare Thousand Islands.McLaughlin will also send out another lightly raced colt by Bernardini, Godolphin’s home-bred Marking, who cuts back from a 5 ½ length allowance win going a mile on Nov. 4 at Aqueduct and is undefeated in two starts. Regular rider Jose Lezcano will ship in to stick with Marking, who drew post position two.The prestigious Malibu, which will be run for the 64th time on Saturday, has been won by a number of legendary horses, including A Gleam (1953), Round Table (1957), Hillsdale (1958), Native Diver (1962), Buckpasser (1966), Damascus (1968), Ancient Title (1974), Spectacular Bid (1980), Ferdinand (1986) and Shared Belief (2014).The complete field for the Malibu, to be run as the eighth race on a nine-race card Saturday, with jockeys and weights in post position order: Pain and Misery, Tyler Baze, 118; Marking, Jose Lezcano, 118; Watershed, Joel Rosario, 118; Runhappy, Gary Stevens, 123; El Kabeir, Mike Smith, 118; Bad Read Sanchez, Mario Gutierrez, 118, and Lord Nelson, Rafael Bejarano, 118.                First post time on Opening Day is at 12 noon. Admission gates open at 10 a.m.last_img read more

A Sample of 20 JavaScript Libraries for Data Visualization

first_imgRelated Posts JavaScript InfoVisGube writes that JavaScriptInfoVis is similar to MooTools, a modular, object-oriented JavaScript framework designed for intermediate to advanced JavaScript developers. Due to its modular format, you can use JavaScriptInfoVis to keep your pages light. It also includes an animation effects capability, multiple charting types and a class for working with JSON data. There are several demos that show how to use JavaScript InfoVis. JavaScriptInfoVis is the work of Nicolás García Belmonte, a senior software engineer for Sencha, which provides developers with frameworks, tools and services to build Web application experiences using HTML5 and JavaScript. You can see the passion in his work from examples such as the demo for this stacked area chart. I encourage you to explore all 20 of the examples that Gube has collected for his post. They well demonstrate how JavaScript and data visualization are so innately tied. Tags:#cloud#cloud computing 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market I am a sucker for data visualization. I am less enamored with infographics these days as I have noticed some hijacking of the medium for public relations stunts. Taking a few anecdotes and drawing some arrows does not cut it in my book.Anyway…moving on.I did find this excellent post this morning by Jacob Gube on Six Revisions that gives an overview of 20 JavaScript libraries. Gube says the JavaScript libraries “turn boring numerical data into beautiful, interactive and informative visualizations.” I can agree with that.Here are five libraries that I picked out from Gube’s post:HighchartsHighcharts offers seven charting types such as line, pie, and bar. You can zoom in and out of charts. It offers tips with more information about data points. Documentation is excellent. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… StyleChartStyleChart is an API for creating charts. According to Gube, it includes tooltips, legends, and 19 types of charts including 3D pie, 3D bar graphs and Pareto charts. alex williams moochartmoochart is a MooTools plugin. moochart plots bubble diagrams. It will eventually expand to feature pie, line, and bar graphs. moochart is open source and released under the MIT license. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting TufteGraphAccording to Gube, the TufteGraph is a JQuery plugin that emphasizes minimalism and ease of use. It offers only a few options for styling. This has its upside as it instead relies on CSS for customizing the look and feel of your graphs. It also helps speed up Web pages as the there is less load placed on the JavaScript.last_img read more

WBJEE 2017: OMR sheets, responses to be released today at

first_imgThe West Bengal Joint Entrance Examinations Board (WBJEEB) will be releasing the OMR sheet and machine read responses of WBJEE-2017 today, May 17.Once the same will be released, all the candidates can check the same at  The board conducted the exam in offline mode (paper-based) on April 23.Steps to check the OMR sheet:Log on to the official websiteClick on relevant linkEnter all the required details in the prescribed formatClick to submitOMR sheet with responses will be displayed on the screenDownload and take print out of the same for future referenceImportant note:Candidates can apply for review of the captured responses till May 22For this, all the candidates need to pay Rs 500 for each responseThe fee can be paid by net banking/debit card/credit card/Allahabad Bank challanAll the candidates can make the representation in one session only.Paper pattern:There were two separate papers – Paper I and Paper II that were conducted on the same day.Paper I: Mathematics (11 am to 1 pm)Paper II: Combined for physics and chemistry (2 pm to 4 pm)The common entrance examination was conducted for admission to undergraduate courses in engineering and technology, pharmacy and architecture in universities, government colleges and self-financed institutes in the state.About WBJEEBThe West Bengal Joint Entrance Examinations Board was set up in the year 1962 for the purpose of holding common entrance examinations for admission to the undergraduate level engineering courses in the state of West Bengal.Read: DU Admissions 2017: Sports quota weightage increased to 60 per centadvertisementFor more updates, follow India Today Education or you can write to us at [email protected]last_img read more

10 months agoInter Milan president Zhang delivers passionate Christmas address: Stars want to join us!

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say Inter Milan president Zhang delivers passionate Christmas address: Stars want to join us!by Carlos Volcano10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveInter Milan president Steven Zhang is convinced they can dominate the world.Zhang made a passionate speech at the club’s Christmas dinner.“We’ve improved a lot in every respect, compared to five years ago, and we must continue like this, as a team and as a club,” declared Zhang.“We’ll crush everyone on and off the field. The objective must be back to talking about trophies and aiming for victory.“We’ve had a great 2018 and there were some extraordinary moments for Inter, like the return to the Champions League thanks to Vecino’s goal, which everyone remembers.“We’ve been competitive against some of the best teams in the world and, compared to four or five years ago, we’ve shown a marked improvement.“I think we’re invincible in some of our games and so many players want to join us. They fear us!“As a club and team, we have everything to win the title. It’s not arrogance, but rather confidence and conviction.“We’ll try to beat everyone both on and off the field and, after many years of waiting, we have the chance of winning things.” last_img read more

ESPN The Magazine Makes College Football Playoff, National Title Prediction

first_imgESPN PlayoffESPN PlayoffThe college football preview of ESPN The Magazine has been released. In the magazine are a number of predictions for the 2016 season.  Twitter/Playoff.Twitter/Playoff.Among them: a College Football Playoff forecast. ESPN college football expert Brad Edwards has made his prediction for the playoff and the New Year’s Six bowls. Here’s ESPN The Magazine‘s College Football Playoff:No. 1 Oklahoma vs. No. 4 WashingtonNo. 2 LSU vs. No. 3 ClemsonHere’s ESPN The Magazine‘s national championship:No. 1 Oklahoma over No. 3 Clemson. The rest of the New Year’s Six bowls:Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic: Houston vs. Notre DameCapital One Orange Bowl: Florida State vs. AlabamaRose Bowl: Michigan vs. USCAllstate Sugar Bowl: Tennessee vs. TCUThe full magazine is on newsstands now. [ESPN]last_img read more